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What is Hamptons Style Furniture?

Date Posted:27 December 2021 

What is Hamptons Style Furniture? main image What is Hamptons Style Furniture? image

One of the first things that come to mind when you hear the word Hamptons is a coastal holiday vibe. The phrase is drawn from the New York resort community frequented by honeymooners. If you want to bring this relaxed and calm environment into your home, you can easily do it by playing around with various elements.

While it might look like a lot of work, once you start executing it, you are on your way to inviting the ocean into your home, and it can be calming. Herein are the different aspects of the Hamilton style and the furniture that goes with it.


What is the theme of the Hamptons style?


One of the things you need to figure out when it comes to the Hampton style is the theme. The Hamptons presents an oceanic and calming theme denoted by the open and minimalist design. With this style, less is more, so you do not have to fill up a room. Creating the illusion of space will bring about the feeling of calm and airiness. Once you have this in mind, whatever decision you make will be influenced by this minimalist and oceanic vibe design.


 The Colour Palette


With the minimalist theme in mind, the next thing you need to do is get a colour palette. Hampton furniture and décor, in general, are denoted by neutrals. Most of the colours used in this style will be whites, creams, and beiges. While you might think this is boring, you can balance it out with a little duck egg blue and some ocean navy.

You can also play around with greys and some white items in the room. Many people would prefer to have pops of white on their Kitchen Island or console table. Auspoints offers a white console that is perfect with this kind of style, and you can add that to your home. It will bring out the theme better.

The other thing you can do to balance out these neutrals is playing with the flooring. You can have area rugs in grey against a darker wooden finish flooring. The entire room comes together with these since the neutral colours are balanced with the features you have added to the home. You can also choose to paint the walls in baby blue pastels to bring the ocean and calm into your omen. The Hamptons style adapts calmer colours, so be careful when adding splashes of colours on things lest you take it too far. Stick to cool colour plates throughout the pallets home.


Patterns and Textures


One thing people have an issue with when it comes to the Hamptons style is everything will look so bland. One way to turn this narrative around is to play with the patterns and textures. You can add some depth to your home by using different patterns around the house.

The most common pattern used is stripes, although some people take it to the next level using a mosaic floral pattern. You can also play around with the textures by adding cotton and sisal throw pillows around the home. That way, the monotony of the colours is cut off, and someone has a different feature to focus on in the home.




You cannot talk about the Hamptons styling without talking about the furnishings. One of the things you will notice with this style is how it implores the use of oversized but spaced-out furniture. With the furniture, you can adopt the coral colours and the navy blue on it. Auspoints also have kitchen islands that you can add to the home to bring back the holiday and honeymoon vibes you get while at the Hamptons.

Add some pop of colour through the paintings and décor you put up like the flowers and vases. That way, everything can come together seamlessly without feeling like it was forced on you.

Getting statement headboards will help bring this style in when it comes to the bedroom. You can have a neutral white for your bed or dark, hardwood options. Make the bed with plain white or cream bedding and add the colour with baby blue patterned pillows. That way, everything will come together so seamlessly. Use the pillows to create symmetry and balance.


Lighting and Fixtures


The one thing you will get from the Hamptons style is a calming environment. As such, there are no harsh lights with this theme. The first thing you need to do is ensure that there is as much natural light coming into the house during the day. 

You can do this by adding bigger windows to the entire home. You can also paint the proper colour on the walls, so the light bounces off and gives the feeling of airiness and increased natural light in the room.

To prevent too much harsh light from entering the room, it would help if you got a couple of lampstands for your ambient light. It also helps if you got more accent lights for the room instead of one bright and harsh ambient light. Softening up the lighting in the room will go to lengths to give off calm when one gets into the room.


How to Bring Everything Together


You will notice that everything needs to come together seamlessly with any type of styling and housing design. The best way to do this is to make a plan before you start working on it. Figure out what patterns you want to introduce into the room and how you can do that without making everything look like it was wackily thrown together.

Since the Hamptons style implores the addition of patterns, you need to figure out whether you will go with the floral or stripes. You cannot have both in one room.

Styling your room goes a long way to either make it or break it.  With the Hamptons style, this is not different. Take your time and ensure that whatever style you bring into your home works for you and your needs.

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