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What Is a Console Table?

Date Posted:9 December 2021 

What Is a Console Table? main image What Is a Console Table? image

A console table is a deliciously versatile piece of furniture that is frequently underutilized and overlooked. The entryway, where the tall, slim table is normally positioned, is only the tip of an iceberg. It may be added in any room of your home and is completely flexible; utilize it to fill up any empty spaces, detract, draw attention, and accent. In addition, the ideal console table combines the perfect blend — design and functionality.

Console tables are often long, slim tables used in people's entryways or hallways. They are versatile furniture pieces that you can prop almost anywhere in the house, despite being frequently placed at doorways or corridors. When utilized in various ways, it gives a nice stylish touch to any area with the proper furniture and arrangement.

Also known as sofa tables, they are among the most versatile items in the furniture inventory. They're incredibly flexible players due to their wide range of sizes and functionalities. They may be used as storage, staging spaces for antiques, bar carts, or buffet setups for the next brunch. Play around and keep your choices open. 



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Entryway or Hallway


When placed in the entryway, the console acts as an opening statement. The hallway or foyer of a household is the traditional location for the table. When placed in this position, it's a significant piece of furniture since it is the first thing seen or utilized when getting in a home.

To add lighting and a bit of refinement, pair it with a mirror. 

Alternatively, utilize the table as a focal point for a striking piece of art. It serves as an inconspicuous storage area for small change and keys, as well as umbrellas, which you can stow underneath.


Living Room


You can use the table in a variety of ways in the living room. A beautiful console table looks well in this space. You can use it as an extra side table or lean it towards the wall to add interest to the space while also providing an out-of-the-way spot to discard miscellaneous objects, which helps organize the coffee table.

Since lights adore console tables and console tables adore lamps, consider arranging one or two evenly on the top. As usual, choose living room furniture that complements the space's existing design.

Dress it up as a side table and fill it with trinkets to create an amazing visual vignette. Console tables and lamps complement each other perfectly. Placing the light on either side of your table for symmetry or balance is a well-known method. Then you could use the space beneath as a nook for your books or as a supplementary display place for bric-a-brac.

Console tables may be utilized as media consoles or TV stands and serve as side pieces or accent tables. They are perfect for various living spaces because of their small body and high top. It's best to go for one with drawers and shelves so you can store all your living room essentials, such as your DVR, cable box, and media.


Room Jewelry


Since very ornamental types, particularly vintage tables, attract so much attention, you may leave them alone. However, what's the pleasure in that? Use them as roosts for cocktail parties or weekend brunch, or you could add a set of lamps at the top of a wallpaper-covered corridor for a touch of added glitz.


Dining Room


The dining room is another place where you may use a console table. One is frequently found sitting beside the dining table to give additional tabletop surface area for objects that do not require your main table; it serves as a type of sideboard. Once you have company over, place pottery and food on it or turn it into an improvised bar.

Choose a console table that includes drawers or a shelf, and to keep serve-ware and cutlery, use drawer dividers.


Bar Cart


The next greatest thing in entertainment is a bar cart equipped with a variety of beverages and glitzy glasses. It's time to entertain your guests by making a makeshift bar out of the console table. Here, you need to consider one with drawers to hold placemats, silverware, and napkins if you're looking for a console table for the bar. 

They make excellent small-area bar carts since they are so narrow while providing a lot of surface storage space. On the top, but the best beverages and delicate drinkware, while on the bottom, place extra drinks and tableware.


Desk Doppelgänger


A console table may fill in well when you don't have a room for a large desk with cabinets and drawers. Also, it helps to integrate business and pleasure in a living room, bedroom, or den in a beautiful manner. 

Hint: While sitting in your favorite chair, make sure that there is enough room for you to dangle your legs under the tabletop.




Remember how we discussed putting a mirror over the console table in the hallway? You may create a personalized bedroom vanity by using this program in your bedroom and adding an accent stool or chair. By placing a table light out to the side and filling the top area with some perfume and jewelry, you can design a set that is both attractive and functional.

For your bedroom books and the reading lamp, use a console table as your stylish nightstand. When you add wicker baskets to the bottom, it transforms into a beautiful linen storage area. It transforms into a dresser when paired with a mirror.

Collection console tables may occasionally double as nightstands in addition to being a fashionable and distinctive vanity. You'll have more than enough room for your books and lamp, thanks to the larger surface area. Remember, the empty area beneath the table is ideal for storing linens and valuables in bins or other creative storage. 


Take away


When a friend asks, "What is a console table and what is it used for?" You are now in a position to share your knowledge with them. Let them understand the various uses for the table. Console tables are multifunctional pieces of furniture.

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