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Tips on How to Create Storage in a Small Bathroom

Date Posted:17 February 2022 

Tips on How to Create Storage in a Small Bathroom main image Tips on How to Create Storage in a Small Bathroom image

Having a small bathroom can be so hard to decorate. You need to think about so many things, and often you will feel like there is no room in your bathroom. What if I told you there was a way you could decorate your bathroom without an issue? There are so many helpful tips that will come in handy to ensure that your bathroom holds everything you need without feeling crowded. Herein are the top tips for making the most out of your bathroom and creating sufficient storage.


Look at the size of your bathroom


Before you add in any storage, take your time to look at your bathroom and the space it has to offer. Often you find yourself adding so much to a space only to realise that the space you have in your bathroom is not enough. Look at the bathroom layout and figure out how you would fit new storage in there. Sometimes you might be mistaken to think that the room is too small when all it needs is better planning.


Get a laundry hamper


One of the things you can do is get a laundry hamper. The Maine laundry hamper is big enough to fit all your dirty laundry. We often take clothes off in the bathroom and leave them on the floor, which can lead to such a huge mess that will be hard to clean. The good thing with this hamper is that it can still fit in a small space despite its size. You, therefore, have somewhere to drop off your dirty clothes without worry.


Get a multipurpose drawer cabinet


Another thing you can do is get a multipurpose drawer cabinet that will work for a couple of things in the bathroom.

You can use this to store your bathrobes, towels, and other hygiene products. The good thing with the drawer is it has so many compartments that you might end up having extra space to work with. You can get it from AusPoints since they have such a great collection of drawers that you can use.


Get a shower caddy


If your shower is so small, you might want to consider getting a shower caddy. A shower caddy is designed to fit in small corners and can be used to hold your bathroom stuff. You can hang your loofah on one side and have your soaps and body wash on the other end. It makes your bathroom look neater and more organised and ensures you have everything you need for when you go to take a bath.

It also adds some sense of style to the bathroom since these caddies come in different designs and colours. When picking one, ensure you go for one that is easy to clean as it will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.


Hang shelves


Another thing you can do is add some hanging shelves to your bathroom. These are often stylish and still serve a functional use. The good thing with hanging shelves is you can make them out of anything. You do not need to get it from the usual wood planks that many people use. All you need to do is get a couple of baskets made out of either plastic or reeds, and you are good to go.

Having shelves are perfect, especially when the bathroom is so small, you do not have room for a drawer. They can be placed where there is space, and you can store whatever you want in them. The one thing you need to do is remember to make them sturdy enough, so everything stays in place.


Get adhesive hooks


Another genius way to create storage in your small bathrooms is to get adhesive hooks. These can be used to hang all manner of things. You can use them to hang your towels, bathroom robes, and loofas as well. The good thing with adhesive hooks is they are sturdy despite their small size. All you need to do is find a way to use them in the house.

You can also place them in a pattern if you want to use them to create a decorative effect. One of the things you will notice with these hooks is different hooks will hold different weights. Bearing this in mind will ensure that you get hooks that work without an issue.


Invest in shower curtain


If you have a combined toilet and bathroom, it will help if you can get a shower curtain. Smaller bathroom spaces usually have no clear partition between the toilet and bathroom, and that means you will end up splashing a lot of water around. The curtain will come in handy for that. You do not have to worry about getting water in the toilet or spraying any of the other towels or robes while you take your bath.


Get a dual mirror


If you are stuck in space but still need to install a mirror in your bathroom, go for a dual mirror. It will also serve as storage space, and you get to kill two birds with one stone. While there are places that sell them ready-made, you can choose to have them custom-made. That way, you get a mirror in your style that fits in your tiny bathroom. Not all bathrooms are the same size, so finding something that works for you and your current needs will help.




Creating storage in a small bathroom can seem like a lot of work, even though this should not be the case. You need to figure out whether you will get everything from and how it will fit together. Once you do that, you can go ahead and start installing the spaces. Getting your bathroom storage from AusPoints will help with your venture. They have the best-sized storage spaces, and you can get everything under one roof, which makes the entire shopping spree even better.

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