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Tips for Picking the Perfect Bedside Table

Date Posted:11 December 2021 

Tips for Picking the Perfect Bedside Table main image Tips for Picking the Perfect Bedside Table image

A bedside table is one of the most important components for your bedroom design; hence you should consider the best tips for picking the perfect bedside table. They are one of the best accessories to turn your space into a fashionable environment. Bedside tables come in different designs, shapes, and colors, allowing you to shop according to your personal style.

Choosing a matching pair of bedside tables of a completely different chair depends on you. However, the need to consider the functionality and extra storage space should be considered. You may want to add the asset of books, lamp stands, or flowers for an extra rich aesthetic.  They do help the organization of your bedroom, keeping your things close to hand. If you like your stuff nearby during the night, then bedside tables are the best option for you. The choice of your table completely transforms the style and design of your room.

Some factors need to be put into consideration before purchasing your bedside table. Here are a few tips and tricks we hope will guide you on picking the best furniture to transform your bedroom space.




When purchasing a bedside table, try being creative if you want to bring your personality into the room. Think of a chair, a ladder, or a crate, depending on your style. Choosing to match or not to match is totally on you. You can buy matching sets of tables with similar colors and shapes or different table shapes, sizes, and contrasts.

One table can hold a lampstand and books while the other table can have a plant or flower on it. You can also make the male side a little bit masculine and the female table more feminine with a touch of flowers and vibrant decors. This will bring not only functionality but also an exciting and joyful look to the room.


Storage Space


Storage is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when choosing the perfect bedside table. Ensure the table fits well enough in the space available next to your bed with enough surface top for display of accessories like lump stand.  A table with drawers or shelves is what you need for storing your essentials like medicine, phone, books, or reading glasses.


Consider Your Style


Style can be categorized into two parts; this includes color and material. Choice of material and color will help you style your space. Avoid choosing random colors and materials just for the sake of owning a bedside table.

You can research online sources like pint rest or designer magazines for inspiration for ideas on identifying your style. There are lots of styles for you in the market can pick from. Whether you love the mid-century, industrial, modern, or beach look, there are many materials to choose from. This will help you customize your interior for your bedroom.




You do not have to match your surrounding with the color of your bedside table. Instead of trying to blend in everything, look for colors that complement each other. Colors a little lighter or darker than the rest of the furniture, wall, or wall will give the best color pop.




The material used to construct your bedside table contributes to the look of your place: natural wood and painted bedside tables suit traditional style bedroom when polished metal bedside its modern style bedroom.




Try to ask yourself why you need a side table apart from the aesthetic appeal it brings you’re your room. Before owning a bedside table, identify the role you would like it to play for you. Most people consider buying tables to place flowers, books, glasses on, and even light lamps during the night.

If the objects you want to place on it are heavy, you should go for a sturdy table that will hold all that weight. If you need it to store makeup books or stationery, you should go for a table with drawers.




The urge to buy reliable and durable side tables does matter. Side bed tables cannot be changed daily. It is hard to find furniture that lasts longer. Material and the structure is a determinant factor whether the stand will be able to last longer. High-quality steel, hardwood, and high-quality fabric materials are considered durable. 


Height of the Table


It is advisable to have a side table as high as your mattress. Too low or too high tables are inconvenient and uncomfortable for use. The dimensions of the objects you put on the table should be considered. Extremely large objects or decors on the table seem off similarly to extremely small objects. They will tend to throw away the equilibrium of the room. Look for pieces of the right size to fit the size of your stand.


Matching Pieces


Make your bedroom as comfortable as you can. Aim your focus on straight lines and minimal details. For a modern look, try metal, chromium, and industrial pieces. Avoid cluttering your space with too many pieces for a sleek look.


Surface Area


Everything you would want within the rich of your arms or for display should fit the top of your table. Choose the perfect size of nightstand that fits your table. Adjust photo frames on the wall and put other items on the drawers to free up space for other necessary objects.




It is important to have a lighting source to style your bedside table. It would help if you had a different ambiance of light from overhead lights and lamps in the night. During the day, sunlight through windows should be able to illuminate your table. Therefore, you should ensure that your bed and your table lie in the direction of the sun.




Decide on which bedside table works best for you, then you are ready to purchase a table. It’s now time to measure the height of the bedside table to the height of the bed to make sure the table is neither too long nor too short for the bed.

There are no complex rules when it comes to bedroom designs. There are lots of non-traditional routes you can take to style your space. I hope these tips give you the right guide on how to select the perfect bedside table for your dream bedroom.

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