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The Best Coffee Tables for Every Kind of Setting

Date Posted:13 December 2021 

The Best Coffee Tables for Every Kind of Setting main image The Best Coffee Tables for Every Kind of Setting image

Coffee tables are without any doubt a classical staple known to make or break a room's design from time immemorial. They are a necessary accessory that raises the ambiance in any room, with more additional uses than just placing coffee. In the modern-day, coffee tables are designed for more applications, including but not limited to storage, workspace, terrarium, and a spot where people can stash their snacks. Coffee table designs range from stylish to hyper-functional designs that suit the diversity in personal preferences and budget. 

People can purchase coffee tables depending on personal preferences, budget, and purpose. When buying a coffee table, there are multiple factors to consider that ensure the table serves its purposes appropriately.


Tips and Tricks to Factor When Buying a Coffee Table


  • Space available:  This is the first factor to consider when planning to buy a coffee table. Typically, it is advisable to place a coffee table about 18 to 20 inches away from the chair. This factor is crucial in ensuring that people comfortably place drinks on the table and have adequate leg stretch room while sitting. A smaller room will require smaller coffee tables. In contrast, large spaces need bigger or numerous tables, which give them a proportional appearance. 
  • Finishing and the tone of the wood: Considering the style and finish of the coffee table is critical. One can pick the right coffee table by considering the color of the room, the walls, and any other furniture in the rooms where someone will place the coffee table. One may want to consider water paints, varnish, shellac, and oil paint finishes, among others. The most vital aspect is balanced complementary with the rest of the furniture. 
  • Décor theme: It is important to note that the coffee table selection depends on the décor scheme of the destined room. Therefore, before purchasing a coffee table, it is essential to recall the sofa style, décor, accents, and drapes, among others. Rooms with modern themes would require simple coffee tables with neat lines. Rooms with vintage or old-world themes appear best with ornate coffee tables. 
  • Wood coupled with other materials: When selecting wooded coffee tables, you should also factor in the different materials that one may want to couple the table with, such as textures, among others. For example, opting for a wooden coffee table with elegant metal creates a fascinating appearance. 
  • Storage: In some instances, people may want to utilize space maximally. In such a case, coffee tables with inbuilt storage such as Cassina 2 Drawers Tea Coffee Table White Oak are recommendable. The storage space can serve the purpose of storing keys, newspapers, and other stationery. Coffee tables with storage spaces play a significant role in tidying up the place. 


Auspoints Range of Coffee Tables


No matter what a person's taste, preference, budget, or purpose is, there are a variety of tables that someone can select from Auspoints that will perfectly suit their style. Here are coffee tables that individuals can comfortably add to their wish list.


1. Cassina 2 Drawers Tea Coffee Table White Oak


The coffee table design employs an alluding retro-modern charm. It contains two drawers with the handles carefully cut out to enable more accessible drawers. They use a mid-century design with a white top with solid oak, round legs, and a two-tone Scandinavian accent. The design is made to offer sufficient storage with drawers that can enable the organization of the room by storing coasters, remotes, and keys.


2. Aura Drop Wood Coffee Table White


The design used to make this collection has also been inspired by the Scandinavian style. Its simplicity, elegant modern lines, and natural wood finishes are highly identified. These coffee tables are designed to complement modern living rooms. They have characteristic pine legs with curved edges and a classic stylish appearance, making them the best compliment for the living rooms. 


3. Bellini Coffee Table White Oak



This design also employs a retro-modern charm. The coffee table is made to have one drawer at the centre with two adjacent compartmentations. The design is significant in enabling the creation of sufficient storage where someone can place coasters, keys, and remotes. It is characterized by a perfect design, adequate storage space, heavy-duty hardware, and multipurpose use.


4. Chloe 2 Drawer 1 Shelf Coffee Table Black


This design boasts a classical, modern-day design that can suit most home décor themes. Some of the aspects that confer its uniqueness include the two drawers and an open shelf. These essential characteristics make the coffee table a perfect match to any home's living room. It is built with top-notch MDF and a perfect NC-coated finish. 


5. Aura 3 Piece Round Wood Coffee Table Set


As a standard parameter, the aura collection employs the Scandinavian design. Aura 3 Piece Round Wood Coffee Table Set is also made with a natural wood finish, elegant modern lines, and simplicity that suits modern living rooms. However, this set is sold as a group of 3 round coffee tables. 

There is a vast collection of other coffee tables that someone can select from the list on Auspoints main website, with the prices ranging depending on the type of the coffee table. 


The Bottom Line


In conclusion, a living room's appearance relies heavily on the coffee table set, its designs, and how they complement the living room. It follows that when selecting a coffee table, someone has to prioritize coffee tables that match the intended rooms. 

After the acquisition of the coffee table, the other important element that will enhance the perfection of the leaving room is appropriate maintenance to the coffee tables, which involves:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Following manufacturers maintenance guidelines to the latter
  • Protecting the coating is achieved by evading exposing them to direct sunlight or close to intensive heat
  • Regular dusting, waxing, and washing the coffee tables.
  • Remove the watermarks immediately after acquiring the coffee table since they are good at damaging the furniture.
  • Always repair any dents immediately you notice them
  • Avoid using harsh detergents to clean the tables. 

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