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The Best Chests of Drawers for a Stylish Bedroom in 2022

The Best Chests of Drawers for a Stylish Bedroom in 2022 main image The Best Chests of Drawers for a Stylish Bedroom in 2022 image

Having a chest of drawers in your bedroom is a necessity. It is a handy item, but it is also relatively small. Its primary use is to store clothing, bedding, and other small items.

Previously, the chest of drawers was exceedingly big and had a monotonous appearance. A contemporary chest of drawers is a modest but attractive type of furniture that can dress up even the most uninteresting spaces. Today's furniture designers represent different chests of drawers: high and narrow, low and broad, angled, rounded, and non-standard shapes. Anyone may select a chest of drawers that meets their needs, whether they are looking for something modest and simple or something stylish but pricey.


Our pick 


The Tribecca 6 Drawer Lowboy Chest-White


This Tribeca 6-Drawer Lowboy Chest can go with any room's design, no matter how unusual it is. It features six drawers and lots of space, making it ideal for keeping clothing, toys, and other knick-knacks from around the house. Designed in an elegant style, this chest can complement any bedroom. 

Besides, this modern design features six drawers with large spaces. It features a silver plastic handle with a white PU laminate finish. Lastly, the slides are made of metal, while the rest of the drawers comprise 25 mm, thick boards.

As for dimensions, the chest measures 120 cm by 41.5 cm, with a height of 68.6 cm. On the other hand, the drawers' height is 13.15cm, with a depth of 32,7cm and a width of 52.7cm. 


The Tribeca 6 Drawer Lowboy Chest-Light Sonoma Oak


This Tribecca 6-Drawer Lowboy Chest is designed to fit into any bedroom's theme, despite how unusual it is. It features six compartments and lots of storage room, making it ideal for keeping clothing, toys, and other items. This elegantly designed chest is perfect for any bedroom setting. Don't overlook this household piece if you're looking for a stylish and affordable design.

There are six drawers in a full-size chest made from an E1 board with 0.66mm thick edging and 3D MB foil lamination to prevent scratches. A silver handle is also visible on the outside of the white metal runners of the drawers. Lastly, Sonoma oak chests are usually equipped with anchoring brackets to prevent falling. 

While the drawer's overall width, depth, and height are 120 cm, 41.5 cm, and 68.1 cm, respectively, the internal measurement is 52.7 cm, with a depth of 32.7 cm and 19.6 cm for the front height.


The 5 Drawer Chest-White W60 x D40 x H108.7


The 5 Drawer Chest-White W60 x D40 x H108.7 has a width of 60cm, a depth of 40cm, and a height of 108.7cm. It features five drawers with silver-coated plastic handles. The finish is done with PU laminate, while the overall draws are made from a 15mm thick particleboard.

You can use this Tribecca 5-Drawer Chest to store your novels or picture frames, and even if your bedroom is not in the traditional style, it will still blend in. It features five drawers, making it ideal for keeping clothing, toys, and other knick-knacks from inside the house. 


Bentley 6 Chest of Drawers, Tallboy Dresser, Oak


It's easy to keep your personal belongings organized with this sleek chest of drawers. It's both practical and elegant. Its classic white color makes it an excellent match for your chest and the perfect accent for your bedroom. In addition to its traditional look, the chest has a natural aura with its polished edge drawers, enhancing any décor.

Furthermore, the Tallboy features a melamine-finished body and decorative drawers constructed of particle board with rust-resistant coated metal runners.

This drawer chest is a beautiful example of how design and practicality can work together. With six large drawers, there's enough room for all your belongings. This 6 Drawer Chest has four deeper compartments (L x H 18.5cm) and two shallower upper ones (L x H 9.5cm), with the classic drawer handle. The chest offers ample storage space.


Kyana High Gloss 6 Drawer Chest


The Kyana High Gloss 6 Drawer Chest is ideal for storing clothing, accessories, and various household items. It has six compartments, which offer a lot of space for your possessions. Besides, the metal slides on the drawers make them simple to use.

Furthermore, the high-gloss finishing is quite elegant and offers your bedroom a contemporary appeal. You may also put ornaments and other decorative objects on the upper shelf.

The E1 board full-edged chest features a UV high gloss laminate and a top panel of about 30mm honeycomb. The other panels are 12- and 18-mm particle boards, while the backing board is 5 mm MDF laminated on a single side. Apart from the metal drawer glide and two extensions, it also features an aluminum lip handle.

Furthermore, the chest features legs of 4 cm in height, width, and height. Its dimensions are 140 cm, 39 cm, and 67 cm for width, depth, and size. The internal drawer’s width is 62.7 cm, 32.7 cm deep, and 13 cm high. 


Buying Guide


How to choose drawers for your living room?


Make sure that the shelving unit you choose is compatible with your room's decor. You may want to look for a more balanced color or a warmer highlight to match the one you currently have.

If you have ample space or a classic and retro design, you might consider lighter wood treatments to make your room appear more spacious and modern.


What size should I choose?


In the bedroom, you might have a chest of drawers that is large enough to serve as a table at the end of your bed or a smaller one that functions as a centerpiece in the room. The size of the chest drawer you choose also depends on the items you need to store, as a few things will need smaller drawers. However, the standard chest size is about 38 inches wide.




If you are not lucky enough to get metal chest drawers, see if you can get high-quality wood. Usually, in this case, I would go for particle boards. They are light and hence easy to move around. High-quality wooden chest drawers guarantee strength and durability. Despite being expensive, they are worth it. 




Irrefutably, the key to making your bedroom look stylish is embedded within the arrangement. That means getting your shoes in one place and reducing the amount of stuff on your bed. What is the best way to store them other than using bedroom chests? While you may opt to get one chest drawer, you must remember to select quality and durable chests. It would be beneficial to go through the above five chests and determine which ones best suit your needs.

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