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The 10 Best Chest of Drawers to Buy Online in 2022

The 10 Best Chest of Drawers to Buy Online in 2022 main image The 10 Best Chest of Drawers to Buy Online in 2022 image

Organizing spaces is enjoyable when you have lovely pieces to furnish rooms. Chests of drawers help keep things neat and exquisite. The market offers different drawers to match your style. Here are the ten best chests of drawers to consider buying for your space. 


1. Franco 4 Chest of Drawers White 


The Franco 4 Chest of drawers looks wonderful in any décor with its lovely white color. It comes with two large drawers and two small ones to store various items. The chest is made from high-grade MDF material. It is sturdy to ensure long-lasting use, and the minimalist design provides a clean, simple storage area for your living room, bedroom, and even the office.

HelloFurniture designs the chest with a painted, glossy finish, and the smooth surface is easy to clean. It also has black knob handles that add elegance to the furniture.  


2. 5 Drawers Tallboy Oak Look Chest 


The Tallboy Oak Look chest of drawers takes up little space in bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces. Its tall design provides you with five drawers to keep your valuables and clothes, among other things. It has a stylish modern design and silver plastic handles that give it a spectacular look. The chest is made from thick particle board and has a PU-laminated finish.

The drawers are of the same size and can hold various items. The oak look provides a unique, more interesting style to your spaces. 


3. Bentley 6 Chest of Drawers Tallboy Dresser Oak 


Brighten your interior with the Bentley 6 chest drawers. The white drawers and oak exterior come together so elegantly. The six tiers and wide design provide you with adequate storage to keep your space neat and organized. The melamine frame is scratch, chemical, and stain-resistant to ensure durability. The drawers are simple to clean and smooth due to the painted process involved in making them. Keep your items in the two shallow drawers and the four deeper drawers. The chest is high-quality and made from high-density particle board. 


4. Elara 5 Drawer Chest High Gloss White 


The Elara 5 drawer chest is an ultra-modern piece that adds sophistication to your space. It is elegant with a lively glossy white finish. The design is simple, clean, and the drawers do not have handles.

The large drawers provide more room to store various things. Pair the drawer chest with a lovely mirror in your bedroom and add beauty to your space. The chest also looks marvelous in other rooms in your home and the office.  It is made with clear lines that enhance its appearance.


5. Chest of 4 Drawers Light Sonoma Oak 


The Sonoma Oak chest of drawers is a lovely piece that offers sufficient storage space. The four drawers allow you to organize clothes, toys, and other items around the house. The manufacturer utilizes paper laminated particleboard to make the beautiful chest. The oak finish pairs well with various decors, giving your space a fresh look.

The drawers also have silver plastic handles that match elegantly with the oak finish. Besides, the Sonoma chest occupies minimal space and comes with a wall anchoring bracket or strap that ensures anti-toppling mounting. 


6. Kyana 2 Door 3 Drawer High Gloss Buffet


As one of the best chests of drawers, Kyana is a lovely piece to consider having. It has an innovative design that provides more storage space to neatly organize your clothes, jewelry, and documents. It consists of two doors and three drawers and is well-made with MDF material and UV high gloss laminate.

The chest has plastic legs and aluminum lip handles, and the brand provides a wall bracket to prevent toppling. The top surface is spacious enough to elegantly mount your television or decorative pieces.


7. Taryn Chest of 5 Drawer IVRY white 


Elegance and style is what the Taryn chest of drawers gives your space. The unit provides every room a modern look and matches well with other furniture. The five drawers have traditional white runners and provide room to store various things. The white laminated finish and wood-look handle give your space a wonderful appearance.

The chest is something you easily notice when you enter the room. It is high-quality, well-designed, and does not take up much floor space. It looks great in bedrooms and other areas that need contemporary storage.  


8. Tribecca 6 Drawer Low-Boy Light Sonoma Oak 


The six-drawer Tribecca is another perfect space to mount your television. It features a modern design, and the drawers provide much-needed room to keep things safely. The scratch-resistant 3D foil lamination keeps the chest looking as good as new to keep your space stunning.

The U-shaped plastic handles provide a comfortable, good grip, and their silver color looks great on the light oak chest. The drawer interior is white, a shade that matches elegantly with the oak frame and silver handles. The included wall bracket keeps the piece in place. 


9. Elara 5 Drawer Chest Light Sonoma Oak 


Apart from the white chest of drawers, Elara offers an oak chest that provides a classic look. Its simple design speaks of elegance, and the five drawers allow you to keep similar items together. The chest is lovely from the back, the front, and the sides, and the drawers do not have knobs.

It has simple lines, a 3D veneer wood grain look, and scratch-resistant surfaces.  The brand adds wide plastic legs to ensure stability while the wall bracket prevents toppling. Assembling this best chest of drawers is not difficult. 


10. Wooden Chest of Drawers and Shoe Cabinet Set Oak 


HelloFurniture provides a set with a wooden chest of drawers and a shoe cabinet to help you organize your space even better. The products have smooth surfaces that are easy to clean frequently. They also have melamine surfaces that are stain, chemical, and scratch-proof to ensure longevity.

The set takes a modern look and saves you more floor space. The manufacturer also utilizes a high-quality particle board to make the chest and show rack. There are six drawers to store different things, and the shoe cabinet can hold a good number of shoes. 


Take Away


Spend money on the best chest of drawers made of high-quality material. The above review covers drawers of different designs, materials, and sizes to match your needs. Whether you need white, modern chests, or the classic wood grain kind, the market has what you need to add style and elegance to your space. 

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