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Sideboard Decor Ideas How to Style a Sideboard

Date Posted:14 March 2022 

Sideboard Decor Ideas How to Style a Sideboard main image Sideboard Decor Ideas How to Style a Sideboard image

From hefty rustic beasts to iconic mid-century originals to modern designer pieces, sideboards come in various styles and sizes. Regardless of the type, these essential storage items are much more than functional: their huge surface area allows them to double as a showpiece.

Here is how to get the most out of the trusty sideboard since it's much more than a storage system.


Make your sideboard useful.


You could perhaps place a painted item at the end of a dinner table and serve as a great place to put glasses and plates. It's enticing to exhibit only your finest dishes and glasses, but make the sideboard buffet a member of the household by using it regularly and making your ordinary tableware gorgeous instead. To amplify the effect of well-loved furniture, blend beauty with function by developing a gallery wall above the sideboard.

When putting together your collection, give heed to colors and frames, aiming for a sense of cohesion to prevent it from being too cluttered.


Select a theme.


The motif of your sideboards and buffets should complement the interior home décor as well as its location. On your sideboard, will you decorate your foyer with muted colors like greens and blues? Perhaps you want the dining room to have a tropical and lush sideboard theme? Ensure the usage and decors of the sideboard suit the space it's in, no matter what the concept is.


Make a symmetry.


This lovely oak sideboard perfectly illustrates the rule of three. Despite the abundance of decorations and decorations on the table, it still appears elegant, organized, and balanced. Furthermore, the artwork's hues complement the gold accents, plants, and sideboard's wooden tone.

The key to styling your sideboard like the one in the photo is to create three separate focal areas. It's a magic number for creating a balanced appearance in your home's accessories and decor. Before styling the sideboard decors and accessories, think about the shape, colors, and height.


Use your height to your advantage.


Among the most critical parts of the sideboard buffet, decor styling adds things of varying heights to bring interest to the overall look. It's crucial to play with layers and heights. However, it does not imply that you should place the tallest items at the center of your sideboard.

When creating a sideboard, an asymmetrical piece looks very good since it creates height and a focal point at only one end. It would help if you styled an uneven selection of smaller pieces with oversized or tall items to create layers and height. Stacks of books that mirror your interests, as well as important sculptures, are excellent focal points.

You will achieve a nice, coordinated effect if you select sideboard decor designs that complement your dining decor ideas.


Maintain the order of a diverse collection.


This strong, rustic sculpture is a foundation for a crowded and varied display. Though don't be misled; it's been meticulously designed with an artistic eye. And symmetry enters the picture once more, albeit somewhat different.

Choose pieces that create symmetry in your hectic arrangement—this method will make the exhibit look put together instead of chaotic. The identical table lights on any end of the buffet work in a home office, giving for a free-flowing assortment of gems in between.


Buy yourself some flowers.


A fresh bouquet looks great on sideboards and buffets. Ensure you have a few really beautiful vases in various sizes and shapes for different flowers that blend with the colors in the space and make your blossoms a focal point of the presentation.

It's a terrific method to change up your sideboard arrangement every week, as featuring different designs generates varied moods, ranging from powerful and sculptural to delicate and feminine.

Alternatively, choose flowers in a dramatic color that matches a statement object, such as this enormous piece of art.


A hero on your wall.


It's a no-brainer to hang a hero piece over the sideboard since it will provide a focal point. The wall hero may be a great poster or portfolio of prints, a beautiful mirror, or a tactile treat with such a juju hat. Once you've decided what you're going to put above the dashboard, the next step is to put it in the center or off-center.

There is no 'correct' way to do this; it all relies on what looks best with the decorative elements you intend to employ and whether you choose to achieve asymmetrical or symmetrical balance.

Both can look great, but people normally incline towards an asymmetrical design. It's a little lighter and more easygoing, which they appreciate.


Make a tableau.


If feeling stressed by the thought of decorating your sideboard design ideas, consider creating a tableau that is just a collection of objects that appear to be built for one another.

Like the coffee table design, you shouldn't stress covering the entire area. It would be best if you enjoyed starting with a great low-rise sculptural centerpiece and a side table book pile for a daily aesthetic.

For a fashionable and simple design, include a cluster of candles at varying heights.


Allow artwork to shine.


Decorate the sideboard using your preferred artworks, for instance, with a huge-scale painting on the sideboard buffet encircled by various varieties of indoor plants.

So, with a photo or artwork that you want to show at home, this is the chance to bring it out and place it on your sideboard. Make sure to keep things balanced and minimal so that the photo or artwork can shine.


Make use of mirrors.


Suppose the sideboard faces a view of flora or is perpendicular to your doors or windows that face the yard. In that case, the mirrored image can be very stunning because the projected foliage becomes part of your interior.


Take away


Sideboards are great for holding anything you need for a meal, from china and cutlery to flatware and linen. You could also use a sideboard to hold candles, placemats, matches, and glassware. While looking for a sideboard, evaluate what you'll need to put in it - drawers are better for keeping candles, placemats, and cutlery. At the same time, cupboards are better for holding china and glassware. The most adaptable option is a blend of the two.

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