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Shoe Cabinets You'll Love in 2022

Date Posted:14 March 2022 

Shoe Cabinets You'll Love in 2022 main image Shoe Cabinets You'll Love in 2022 image

Did you know that you can creatively manage your shoe galore without necessarily having a large closet or room space? Yes, the best option is to get a shoe cabinet. 

Many households find it difficult to maintain an ever-appealing and organized home, especially when organizing their shoes. Ideally, whether you live in a family setting or alone, the chances are that you constantly find some pair of shoes strewn around the house. It gets even worse if you don’t have a giant closet or a large storage space! Luckily, you can finally fight the clutter and enjoy your space by exploring modern shoe storage solutions. 

Whether you prefer hanging storage, hidden drawers, or open shelving, there are quite a several suitable options. To ensure you discover the right one, here are five stylish shoe cabinets you'll love in 2022.


Wooden Drawer Chest & Shoe Cabinet Set (Oak)



  • Painted surface
  • Stylish multi-purpose design
  • Durable construction
  • Iconic angles 
  • Versatile 5-tier display shelf
  • High-density particle board

If you want a stylish yet practical shoe cabinet, the Oak Wooden Shoe Cabinet and Drawer Chest are your best bet. Besides its stunning appeal, it is designed to ensure your shoes and personal possessions are conveniently within reach. 

This wooden set features simplistic oak tones that render it an ideal home addition. It also boasts a classic contemporary appeal comprising smooth edges. It is sure to enhance your interior home décor, especially considering its naturally alluring aura that blends easily with any setting. 

It is built from a high-density robust particle board complimented with antirust coated metal runners for durability. What’s more, the painted drawer and melamine-finished drawer are made to function reliably and last. 

Ideally, this classic drawer chest represents a superb blend of functionality and design and offers a generous storage space comprising six generously-spaced drawers. This chest also has two shallow top drawers and four deeper ones with an iconic drawer handle angle. The drawers work on smooth metallic glides offering ample storage room. 

Finally, this cabinet features three storage compartments, all set with adjustable split shelves to accommodate 12 (adult shoe) pairs in each compartment, rendering it an adequately-spaced unit that can handle approximately 36 pairs of shoes. 

Note: Storage capacity depends on shoe type and size.


Wooden Chest of Drawers and Shoe Cabinet (White)



  • Durable frame 
  • Resistant painted surface: chemicals, staining, and scratch proof
  • Iconic angles

This is the ideal pick for a sturdy, simplistic, and generously-spaced shoe cabinet option. The white wooden set is uniquely designed in a simple white tone and classic traditional theme creating an appealing, perfectly functional shoe cabinet. 

It comes with sturdy yet smooth edges that compliment your interior décor perfectly. Besides its scratch and stain-resistant qualities, this set features a high-density framework fortified with antirust metal (coated) runners and a classic melamine body for a reliably functional and sturdy shoe rack and cabinet. With six spacious drawers comprising four deeper and two shallow drawers, fitted with smooth glides, it offers ample space for organized storage. 

The spacious wooden set offers three compartments, all fitted with an adjustable split shelf to comfortably hold 12 adult shoes. This means that it can comfortably accommodate 36 pairs of shoes depending on shoe type and size.


Wooden Chest of Drawers Bookshelf & Shoe Cabinet Set (Oak)

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  • Versatile 5-tier display shelf
  • High-density particle board
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Iconic angles

If you want practical and stylish pieces, you will love this modern cabinet bookshelf  2022 set. This is the most convenient option to help organize a messy set of personal belongings. Besides its quality oak tones that make it transform your interior décor, its versatile 5-tier shelf makes it a handy option. 

This oak wooden set is made from eco-friendly high-density board, both water and scratch-resistant, meaning more durability. You’ll particularly love its modern S-shaped stunning bookcase, offering an appealing yet multipurpose home set. 

It perfectly blends exclusivity and functionality to offer a spacious unit with six large drawers. The chest holds 2 (shallow) and 4 (deep) drawers built with a flexible drawer handle angle.

The trendy cabinet features three storage compartments, all set with adjustable split shelves to accommodate 12 (adult shoe) pairs in each compartment, rendering it an adequately-spaced unit that can handle approximately 36 pairs of shoes. 


Bentley (3 Drawer) Shoe Cabinet (Oak & White Finish)


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • High-density, sturdy, and durable fiberboard construct
  • Scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant, and stain-resistant surface 
  • Clutter-free entrance
  • Flat packed: comes with wall mounting brackets to prevent falls

This wooden Bentley 3 drawer shoe cabinet is a stylish modern set comprising three flap doors to offer adequate space to organize your shoes in style! The cabinet has a sturdy particleboard frame that defines its simplistic design and adaptable finish. 

The cabinet’s doors feature a high-grade painted finish that introduces you to three spacious compartments, with a combined max. Storage capacity of 36 pairs of adult shoes. 

Note: Storage capacity depends on shoe type and size.


Bentley Wooden Shoe Cabinet (White)


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Clutter-free entrance
  • Flat-packed
  • Iconic angles 

Maximize your space and effortlessly transform your shoe pile into a net arrangement with this 3-flap door Bentley shoe cabinet. This tall set is made of high-quality particleboard and includes three conveniently sized compartments for adequate storage space. 

Its artistically finished look is designed to seamlessly blend with any traditional or modern room, courtesy of its simplistic white door design. Better yet, it also features a top-grade melamine board and coated finishing doors. 

The storage compartments have adjustable split shelves, with each suitably made to accommodate about 12 pairs of shoes; hence a collective maximum space for 36 adult shoes. However, the space is dependent on shoe sizes and types. 




When you order a product, you expect it delivered in its perfect condition. Fortunately, these shoe cabinets are top quality and flexible to allow easy delivery. These units are delivered in professional packages and therefore arrive perfectly intact. 




Getting neat and organized doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing your home's décor and comfort. It transforms it. No more losing your favorite work pumps or tripping over a few shoes on your way out, thanks to this amazing collection of shoe cabinets.

From stylish ballet flats to classic cowboy boots, these shoe cabinets will neatly keep your shoe galore out of sight and mind and help you enjoy your space, as you should. 

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