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How to Style a Coffee Table?

Date Posted:10 December 2021 

How to Style a Coffee Table? main image How to Style a Coffee Table? image

A coffee table serves as the focal point of the living area. The modest coffee table is sometimes undervalued when it comes to the aesthetic possibilities it offers. It might be a landing spot for magazines and remote controls, but it can also be a showcase for your style. On how to style a coffee table, you will realize that it has a tiny and manageable surface area to decorate nicely - yet because it's in the middle of the living room, it makes a big impression!

Although there is a science to constructing a great tablespace, such as mixing pieces of various heights, the charm comes from an artistic combination of flowers, trays, books, trays, and unexpected artifacts. The goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing piece while still maintaining the flow and functionality of the entire room. 

We're here to alter that and teach you how to use this eye-catching piece of your living space furniture to create stunning elegance in your house. With the following ideas and tactics, you'll be able to make a chic coffee table.


Go Green


Start with a plant. A little bit of greenery may go a long way. To make the coffee table appear less staged and more organic, begin with an unusual plant or foliage arrangement.

More giant sculptural succulents, such as pencil cactuses, or instead branches, such as cherry blossoms or eucalyptus, work well as coffee table anchors.




While you may be creative, you don't want the table to appear cluttered. Every coffee table arrangement must have a sense of balance. Symmetry is one of the most straightforward techniques to generate visual harmony and a smart option to tape off the coffee table into a four-square grid when arranging it. It helps classify your style portions and achieve ideal balance and harmony in every quadrant.

It's preferable to have a solid focal object, a pile of books, plants, or sculpture that grounds the display, and then multiple smaller pieces of similar visual weight placed around it. Candles, more miniature sculptures, vases, or crystals are examples of surrounding things that don't need to be equal; they only require to balance one another in terms of tone and size.


Make Seasonal Substitutions


As the main point of the living area, your coffee table is an excellent spot to cycle seasonal decorative items. A bunch of fresh tulips, for example, screams spring. Set a seashell atop a pile of books for a beachy atmosphere in the summer, then replace the shell with a gourd or pumpkin in the fall.


Make an Effort to Entertain


When visitors are sitting around the table, please provide them with a means to break the ice. A deck of cards, vintage board game, or dominos are some fun items to explore for adding whimsy to the area.


Combine Different Textures


The importance of texture cannot be overstated. Coffee tables holding things of the same element are all too familiar; for instance, on a glossy tray, there is a shiny vase next to a polished bird decoration. That's an excessive amount of the same finish. It's best if you don't use the same finish twice. Instead, experiment with tactile fabrics that are different in appearance and feel.

If you've come this far and aren't content with how the coffee table appears, you might want to experiment with different textures. If you've solely chosen harsh materials like metal or glass, the coffee table may seem a touch frigid, and adding natural textures like woven or wood material might help.

The more materials you combine, the more attractive your table will be - make sure you choose pieces that match the appearance and the feel you intend to achieve.

Ascertain that the styling corresponds to your theme.

There should be no overtly themed areas in your home, but there should be a sense of cohesion. While people love mixing and matching items, it's also essential to consider the overall feel or design you want to create - is it natural and relaxed, polished, and elegant, or a quiet and relaxing place with a coastal/boho or Hamptons feeling? Whatever it may be, make sure the items on the coffee table match it.


Make Use of Objects of Various Heights


On a coffee table, there must be a variety of things at various heights. To generate an exciting degree, you need your eye to go up and down the decorations on the table. When sitting on the sofa, you shouldn't have them very high so that you can't see over them but do experiment with different levels.




When creating a lovely coffee table, the most challenging aspect might be figuring out the appropriate composition. The goal is to consider the pieces you want to utilize in the vignette will function together atop the coffee table as a whole.

The key to reaching this coherence is to link your details together through color, style, form, theme, or a combination of these elements. When finished, the display should appear as a whole, with each piece working together to tell your table's distinct style tale.

It takes a lot of experience to have the arrangement of such a visually rich display just right; don't be hesitant to tinker with pieces, edit, or organize till the placement seems flawlessly correct. Corral all your products in the tray; it is a relatively easy technique and little trick stylists employ to ensure things go nicely inside a presentation.

It's fantastic, not to say easy, a way to arrange objects together, and it can make a vignette appear more cohesive. The tray display should be at the center of the tabletop or slightly out to one side.


Allow Space for the Elements to Breathe


Last but not least, scalability is critical. You would like to load your coffee table with the themed items but still leave room for everyday activities like placing a drink. Plant leaves falling into your beverages are also a no-no, so keep a close eye on them. Allow enough space between your belongings and the coffee table's edge.

Thankfully, coffee table decor is simple to perfect if you follow a few simple rules.

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