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How to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

Date Posted:15 December 2021 

How to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom main image How to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom image

On average, people spend nearly a third of their years in their bedrooms. So, it should be the most relaxing and soothing room in your home. Nonetheless, most people have a boring bedroom with monotonous decorations and furniture.

There are many clichés typical fails that you may consider classy. And that is why this post is here – to help you spice things up in the bedroom décor-wise. Luckily, doing this will not be a waste of time or money. The simple hacks below are simple to execute and have astonishing results.


1.  Add a Dash of Colour


A couple of paint cans can go a long way in giving your bedroom space some needed creativity. For starters, stick to light to medium hues. Prevented the colours are not washed-out; they will blend with nearly every theme. Dark and muted tones like grey, on the other hand, will make your room dull.

The most suitable wall colours are coral, light blue, pinks, and mint green. Any of these will bring warmth and tranquillity to the bedroom. Subsequently, opt for white furniture like this pair of bedside tables from Auspoints. White woodwork embellished with dark artwork or accessories makes any room appear exquisite.

Lastly, when it comes to drapes, curtains, rugs, and bedding, go for a colour that complements or contrasts (must be on the colour wheel) your walls.


2.  Highlight the Bed


Naturally, the bed is the centrepiece of every bedroom. Instead of buying a more decorative bed, you can accent the headboard. A large, gorgeous headboard can turn a simple bedroom into a striking one. Besides, it is usually the first place your eyes land when you walk into your room.

It will be fun to awaken the interior designer in you and try out amateur DIY projects. If you are unsure about your creativity, consider getting a repurposed headboard. Even neutral ready-made bed-heads can be transformed with a bit of fabric, studs, or piping. There are tons of headboard styles that can set the general theme of your bedroom.


3.  Upgrade the Lighting


When most people think of getting new lighting and fixtures for their bedrooms, they assume it will break their banks. On the contrary, upgrading your lighting is cost-effective and significantly impacts any room.

The number-one thing to avoid is overhead or direct lighting – which, sadly, is what most people have in their bedrooms. Firstly, start small by using uplights and torchieres in the room’s corners or behind plants and flower vases. Such lighting brightens up dark spaces and creates a focal point around the accessories in the surrounding.

If you have a bedside table, use table lights or pendants. They decorate the area and provide enough light for reading. Also, get lights at eye level when you are in bed and within arm’s reach.


4. Add Features on the Walls


Many homeowners never fail to hang a statement piece of art or wall lights in their living rooms and hallways. What they underestimate is the effect of the same décor in their bedrooms. In addition, a bedroom makeover is not complete unless you accessorise the walls too.

So, how do you decorate the walls without ruining your entire theme?

  • Choose large ‘statement’ art that blends with other accessories in the room
  • Be critical about frame size and art position
  • For asymmetrical artwork, ensure the frame and colour scheme match
  • Use wallpaper that blends with the bedhead’s design

Adding a fixture to the accented wall brings all the décor and highlights the artwork or accessories.


5.  Maximize on Space


There is so much you can do with space in a room – whether large or small – when it comes to decorating. Placing all your furniture against the wall is now a fading trend. For a spicy alternative, assign every area its function and furnish it according to its purpose.

For instance, you can devote half of the room to sleeping. Try placing your drawer bedside table next to your bed to decorate the sleeping area. Consequently, choose a low table with a couple of chairs if you want a reading nook or relaxing base. 

Finally, you can add a side table and a lamp if you have a small bedroom garden, flower pots, or decorative plants in your room.


6. Use Centered Themes and Textures


If there is one way to spice everything up in your bedroom is throwing in some throw pillows with the perfect texture. Scattered – not too many – pillows will never fail when adding flavour to a room. Whether they are arranged or just fluffed on the bed, you can count on them to zing up your room!

If you want your room to look brighter, play with throw pillows that are either bold or have pastels. You can also contrast the theme by using cushions or pillows that are distinct but still in the colour scheme.


7.  Declutter Your Bedside


The last but most important thing you should do is declutter your bedroom, especially your bedside. Although your room might seem pretty neat and spotless, decluttering purposefully will help you eliminate the excess and get a more peaceful space.

Whatever you do not need, you should throw away, donate, or sell it. Do not forget to do the same for bedroom furniture too. If you do not have funds to get other furniture, look for another room where the extra furniture can be used.

A final tip is to invest in a compact bedside table that will keep your bedside spick and span.


Enjoy Luxury Furniture with Less!


The furniture set in a room says a lot about your creativity, individuality, and taste. Furthermore, a bedroom with rich flavour will give you peace of mind, quiet nights, and spicy love life. When everything in your room screams perfection, you will be glad you got this far.

In conclusion, always get your bedroom furniture from the best furniture store to get the best of the best. 

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