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How to Match Your Bed with a Bedside Table

Date Posted:11 December 2021 

How to Match Your Bed with a Bedside Table main image How to Match Your Bed with a Bedside Table image

Knowing how to match your bed with a bedside table is the easiest hack to furnishing your bedroom/sleeping area. Let’s face it; there are no other pieces of furniture that accentuate the room like these two.

To match your bedside table and your bed, you must consider factors like functionality, color, size, shape, and style. The task, however, is not as easy as it sounds. With the wrong information, a minor slip-up could lead to a substantial decorating mistake.

Buying matching furniture sets is effortless but not as fun. Furthermore, it does not give your bedroom a personal touch. If you want to awaken the interior designer in you but don’t know how here are a few hacks to get you started.


Factors to Consider


1. Size


A bedside table should correspond with the bed to fill up the space nicely. If it is too tall or too short for the bed, it will look misplaced and have zero functionality.

Before you shop for a bedside table, measure the height of your bed (plus mattress) and get a proportionally-scaled table. A too high bedside is hard to reach, and one that is too low looks misplaced.

You do not want a height difference of over four inches. If you want a low bedside table, ensure it is not below your mattress level.


2.  Style


Getting the right size is just the first step. You have to pair your bed with a table that matches its style. The shapes and materials have to play off one another.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to get a bedside table with the exact style of your bed. Instead, get a style that blends in, without seeming like an afterthought.

If you have a double bed, getting a matching bedside table would make sense. It maintains a coordinated look. But if you want a high-contrast appearance, choose bedside tables with an entirely different style from the bed.

Rustic and vintage tables pair well with retro and wooden beds, whereas artsy, chic bedside tables blend in with Provencal designs. To match the furniture perfectly, you must have good taste, attention to detail, and imagination.


3. Color


Using one color to design your bedroom is monotonous – articulate but boring. Don’t think of matching the bedside table’s color to the bed or dressers. As an alternative, pair it with other aspects of the bedroom like art, lighting, decoration, and rugs or carpets.

For instance, if you have a glass chandelier, get a bedside table that has glass hardware. If you have brass artwork, get a table or nightstand with metallic accessories.


4. Storage


Let’s be honest; you cannot furnish a bedroom without considering how much space you have. It is not impossible to add furniture to a small room, but it is tricky. You have to figure out how to balance the aesthetics and the functionality.

If your bed has storage drawers, you can match it with a small bedside table with no compartments. Just make sure it is stylish enough to be noticed. For a low bed, get a compact bedside table with drawers.

The secret to match your bed with a bedside table is proportionality. You can experiment with shapes, colors, and materials, provided you have a balance point.


Tips & Hacks


Now that you know the factors to consider when matching furniture in your bedroom, use the tips below to transform your bedroom.


1.  Preserve Common Elements


As long as a common thread ties the bed and the bedside table, you can mix and match creatively. If you do not maintain the common elements, your bedroom space will end up looking unintentional.

Your bed should be the focal point when selecting bedroom furniture. Therefore, you want different materials for the bed and bedside table, vary the shapes or color. And if you wish to have matching colors, ensure the material is different.


2. Repeat Interesting Details


Repetition of detail, when done in moderation, gives you an aesthetically pleasing display. If you want a bold bedroom design, choose an accessory, pattern, finish, texture, shape, or color you want to highlight that you can find in the bed or other furniture.

When looking for a bedside table, ensure it shares some of these common elements with your bed. Doing so brings your bedroom together and gives it an eclectic appearance. 


3. Balance Visual Weight


Matching your bed with a bedside table is also a balancing act. Evening out the visual weight in a room is critical as it determines how symmetrical and attractive the décor is.

Little details on one side of the room give an impression that something is missing. Too much, and it becomes dull. If you have a bulky bed, consider getting a delicate set of bedside tables and vice versa.

Look at your bedroom’s outlook and check if every piece of furniture and accessory looks in place. If not, move things around until you find a balanced visual weight.


4. Variation


Just as repetition does wonders for decoration, variation does too. Do not be afraid to mix different design aspects in your bedroom. Mixing heavy furniture pieces with airy ones easily does the trick.

Since the bed is the focal point in the room, it has to stand out. This means that the table, nightstand, and other furniture should be different. If you have a big, rectangular bed, you can match it with a light, round bedside table.

The contrast creates a blending block that softens the space.




There are tons of ways you can match furniture in your sleeping area. Pairing the bed with tables and nightstands is just one of the many. A little customization goes a long way in enhancing interior décor.

When pairing furniture in a room, it is critical to ensure that they speak to each other. Not literally, of course, but they should relate and create the same mood and ambiance.

With the design unlocked in you after this post, you can comfortably start looking for a bedside table to complete your bedroom design.

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