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How to Get Rid of Smell in Shoe Cabinets

Date Posted:17 February 2022 

How to Get Rid of Smell in Shoe Cabinets main image How to Get Rid of Smell in Shoe Cabinets image

A shoe cabinet allows you to organize every shoe in one place, keeping pairs in a great arrangement and making them easily accessible. Autumn has arrived, and the slipper season is officially over. 

Do you know that your shoes retain dead skin cells and sweat after every wear? It encourages the growth of odor-causing microbes! Note that it is simple to keep the closet deodorized without buying costly deodorizers.

The shoe cabinet's funkier, less-than-fresh scents could make one want to stay off the place at all expense. If you pretend the issue doesn't exist after reaching for the old shoes that caused you to hold your nose, you shouldn't anymore. This guide has the nifty hack needed. 


How to Get Rid of Odors in Shoe Cabinets Quickly


Even though you keep your cabinet door open all through, the scents will linger outside. It's essential to keep in mind that scents get stuck in confined spaces, and humidity builds up. 

While the footwear is having a sunshine date with the Baking Soda, while the shoe bins are getting cleaned and soaked in water and white vinegar mixture, it's time to tackle the walls and floor. Yes, odors become enveloped in walls and floors!

Let's have a comprehensive look at how to kill the awful smell in that unique shoe cabinet:


Water and White Vinegar Mixture


If your rack or the cabinet smells, it's likely a few of your shoes or boots kept in or on it do as well. Remove every item from your cabinet and spritz with a solution of equal ounces of water as well as white vinegar, wiping away the solution after a few minutes using a soft cloth.

White vinegar is known for its disinfectant properties. According to studies, it is safer and more efficient than triclosan when decontaminating toothbrushes. Envision what this would do to your shoes. Suppose you do it for something as personal as this!

You'll combine the white vinegar and water. First, empty your shoe cabinet, including the dividers and shelves. After removing everything, wash the walls with the mixture using a sprayer and a soft cloth. Clean every part you've drawn, as well as the inside and outside of your shoe sets.

It's worth noting that white purified vinegar is indeed an odor-eater by nature. You can position a dish of white vinegar at the center of your cabinet on the ground.  

You should not use vinegar to clean the floors. It's highly acidic, and it might ruin your floor!


Baking Soda


Baking soda is famous for its washing abilities, but you can also eliminate odors. Fill whatever empty coffee bags with baking soda. Let them sit inside your cabinet or shoes, and then remove them smoothly whenever you want to put on the shoes. Also, you can use baking soda to clean the corners and surfaces. Allow it to act for about 30 minutes before removing it.

Baking soda should be a must once it comes to getting rid of odors. Its disinfecting and deodorizing properties have been documented in research, making it a multi-faceted commodity broadly used in washing processes.

To get rid of the poor odor from the shoe cabinet, make sure you don't ruin your shoes in the process. You can as well use closet capsules or pump dispensers containing baking soda.




After you've finished with the tea bag, you shouldn't throw it away. Before storing the tea bags in the cabinet or a set of shoes that you wear regularly, make sure they are scorched. Whether dry or extremely absorbent, tea bags absorb sweat and moisture to keep the pong at bay. From Tetley's to herbal, Rooibos, or PG Tips, any wide range will suffice.

The longer you leave them simmering in the shoes, the better – but it's never advisable to make a cup of tea with them after the job.


Just Vinegar


White vinegar does not have to be blended with water; it can also be used by itself. Vinegar is just as efficient as baking soda in terms of absorbing odors. Put a significant bit in an open bottle that can fit in the shoe cabinet, shut the doors, and let it stay there for an hour and 30 minutes before removing it. 

After the odors have been removed, close the cabinet doors to allow the smell to fade away. The vinegar odor will be potent initially, but you'll notice how quickly it dissipates and eventually disappears.


Peels of Citrus Fruits


Keep the citrus rinds in a mixing bowl after making the lemonade or eating the oranges, and place the peels in your shoe cabinet.

They are fantastic at absorbing odors, so you can use them to freshen up your cabinet at the very same time. More so, they keep bacteria and mildew from growing in the shoes at bay.


Take good care of your footwear.


As the last, but certainly not least, of our tricks for you. Maintaining your shoe's cleanliness and odor-free has a massive effect on your shoe rack. To begin, use foot particles, and once you remove the shoes, place tea bags in to alleviate odors and then cool in the open air before storing them.

Additionally, shake the shoes before going into the house to avoid leaving them encased in the dirt, dust, or other external elements that lead to producing a bad smell.

If the scent persists, wash the shoe cabinet doors and walls with dilute water and white vinegar and leave to dry completely before closing. You could shut the doors overnight and ensure to empty the containers the following day.

If the stench persists after that, you might now be smelling mold or mildew instead of shoe funk. In such a case, your best option is to open your closet door, install a slatted door, or use a product like DampRid to ensure adequate ventilation.

DampRid is a preservative that absorbs air moisture, causing it to be less hospitable to mildew in the shoe cabinet. There are reusable options available, the majority of which one uses for a limited time before drying in the oven to charge up.

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