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How to Decorate a Hallway?

Date Posted:18 December 2021 

How to Decorate a Hallway? main image How to Decorate a Hallway? image

First impressions are essential, and this applies to your home. While the hall is not necessarily a room, it doesn't mean you should neglect it. You may want to make your hallway look magnificent since it is the first thing people see once they come into your home; thus, it sets the tone for your whole house. 

You want to create this space to tell visitors about your design preferences while still being welcoming and practical. Though it sounds like too much, with a bit of imagination, you can end up with a beautiful hallway with lots of personality. 

Here are some tips on how to decorate a hallway:


Paint Your Favourite Colour


Decorate your hallway using your favourite colour. To achieve a sophisticated look, don't mix up colours too much; avoid multiple different shades. This is because if you pick one colour for the floor and the wall, it can be extremely efficient, compared to having different hues.  

So, tone it down a bit to achieve elegance. If the idea of painting woodwork excites you, you can go for a dark instead of bright colour as a hallway painting idea. This develops a bold design aspect in the pathway, leaving it looking exquisite. 

Pathways should be just as magnificent as other rooms and should depict what your home looks like. To keep it simple yet sophisticated, go for a wooden floor that will bring the outdoors into your home and keep it feeling impressively bright. 

Besides, including a patter such as a herringbone will come in handy in making the space feel bigger if it's what you're going for. Again, a lighter floor gives the hallway a modern yet simple feel and lets you use bolder shades in other rooms. 

So, why not go for dark shades of green, blue, or grey for the frames or other woodwork to add a touch of balance and contrast in your hallway. 


Include Patterns 


Cloakrooms and hallways are among the spaces in the house that we don't stay in but pass through. They can be the perfect opportunity for you to awaken the bold designer within. For instance, you can place a print carpet on a background of toned-down décor, which will achieve an incredibly beautiful boho appearance. 

Furthermore, you can go for a neutral theme, leaving the carpet as the main focus of the pathway. This is a good look that's easy to achieve, and it doesn't call for elaborate decorations in other rooms. Lastly, you can paint the stairs white and then use a dark colour on the hallway floors to place more emphasis on the pattern. 


Incorporate a Gallery Wall


While some may want a blank corridor, creating a gallery wall would come in handy. Hang several family pictures, portraits, or beautiful art pieces. This will add a personal touch to your hallway. Go for similar frames with the same colour to achieve a uniform and cohesive appearance. 


Place a Console 


Even though you might have a small pathway, it doesn't mean you can't have some storage space. A console will come in handy as a storage space where you can unload once you walk into the house. A console with a slim design like the Chloe 2 drawer console offers additional storage and prevents your hallway from looking basic. 

Again, don't overload the console. While a console table that's too slim can boost your hallway's look, it could as well make it feel and look cluttered. Get a nice console that complements your décor and theme.

For instance, if you have a pathway that's spacious enough to hold a console table, go for a slim one. This lets the natural light pass through. Besides, it creates the feeling of openness and accessibility while still giving you some space to place a few essential items like your keys. 




Mirrors will especially come in handy if you have a small hallway and want to make it look bigger. Incorporating it at the end of your pathway will not only make your space feel larger but brighter as well. 

You can go for a small circular mirror to add a sophisticated touch to your space, as this option will have a rather sculptural aspect without looking like you're trying too much.


Go for a Modern Look


If you prefer a modern look, you can choose complementary colours, geometric patterns, sleek floors, and modern art pieces to achieve a cool, modern perspective. If you need to include storage in your modern-themed hallway, add a storage bench!


Decorate with Interesting Objects 


You want to set the tone when someone walks through the door using a vibrant symmetrical layout, for instance, with African baskets on an antique bench. The basket's earthy shades will blend appropriately with botanic prints and bright walls. 

Lastly, include unique and magnificent lighting ideas that compliment your theme. 


Begin at the Door


Regardless of your hallway's size, you can always find a way to add the wow aspect to it. 

Conventional pathways in most homes are typically narrow, thus look for ways to catch your guest's attention. You can go for a nice floor runner to guide the eyes to the main view, your hallway. Besides, it would be best to leave the other doors leading to other rooms open, as this makes it look bigger. 

Ideally, narrow hallways give you the chance to try out different colours, especially if you have soft furnishings. Try a flowery or dark floor runner, depending on your home's theme, and incorporate eye-catching wall décor for a sense of sophistication. 


Lastly, Don’t Overdo It


The last thing you want to do is try out too much and make your hallway feel cluttered or as if you're trying too much. Ensure that you achieve a minimalistic and decluttered appearance. Add floating shelves if you need storage space. 

All the same, it would be best not to add storage on the wall as it might give it a cluttered look. Most elegant homes include top-to-bottom bookcases, though this should be the only décor. This is ideal for the bookworm looking for space to store their books. However, with these bookcases, avoid adding a lot of dark hues. 

Well, there you have it, how to decorate a hallway!

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