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How to Choose Entertainment Units and TV Stands

Date Posted:9 February 2022 

How to Choose Entertainment Units and TV Stands main image How to Choose Entertainment Units and TV Stands image

A good entertainment centre is more than just quality electronics. Usually, what ties it all together is a decent entertainment unit or TV stand, especially if you position it just right.

Choosing a TV stand or entertainment cabinet is easy if you know which one you need. TV stands are good for tight spaces, whereas entertainment units are a better fit for those that have a dedicated “TV wall.”

Whatever your needs may be, this is the right article to help you narrow down your options until you find the perfect entertainment unit.

You’ll understand how to define your needs by looking at factors like space and location, design and finish, and the specifications of your electronics.


Factors to Consider When Buying an Entertainment Unit




It’s a good idea to designate a location for your entertainment unit long before you start browsing the options. This is a way to mitigate buying furniture that doesn’t fit the room in size or style.

Living rooms are no longer the only place to put a TV stand. Although they’re the traditional location, entertainment units can be useful in bedrooms, playrooms, and dedicated entertainment centres.

Selecting a location beforehand allows you to specify the dimensions of the entertainment unit needed. It also allows you to consider the décor and style of the room. The last thing your entertainment unit should be is an eyesore.




TV stands are generally used as homes for tellies, but nothing’s written in stone. It’s not uncommon to see one adorned by all manner of decorations, books, and electronics other than a TV.

To bring in nature to their lounge and give it an airy vibe, some people place fresh plants and flowers on entertainment units. Others elect to give their space a personal touch by converting the TV stand into a centrepiece for family photos.

There are many ways to lay out an entertainment unit and they all determine the best size and style for your specific needs. For instance, a TV stand with drawers is ideal for minimalist layouts. You can use it purely for storage if you wish to leave its surface free and uncluttered.

You can also get a subtly finished entertainment unit and hang art above it to draw attention instead. This is one way to create a natural focal point in any room.


Room Size


Once you’ve got the location and layout figured out, your next agenda is to take a look at the room’s dimensions.

The bigger the room, the larger the entertainment unit needed. A large room needs a TV stand that occupies at least 70% of the TV wall. 

In small rooms, the entertainment unit ceases to be a focal point when there’s clutter present or not enough room available. In this scenario, the unit looks much better when it is part of the background. You’ll find that space-saving and minimalist TV stands are the best fit for limited spaces.

To be certain of the kind of entertainment unit you need, measure the space beforehand. Take down the length, width, and height of the room and consider its current layout to see what works best.


TV Dimensions


You will also need to measure your TV to get the right stand for it. Few things look as unorthodox as a large screen mounted on a tiny stand—particularly if it’s in a large room too.

Even though they shouldn’t be the same size, it’s a good idea to match the proportions of your entertainment unit to your TV’s. That’s how you avoid making your TV seem too small or making the stand look ridiculously out of place.




The purpose of the entertainment unit is mostly defined by what you intend to put on it. Once you’ve established an appropriate location, you’re only left with the task of making sure the stand holds everything you want it to hold.

This will vary greatly depending on individual preferences. A unit in the guest lounge can have vases, books and magazines, whereas one in the playroom can contain children’s books, toys, and trinkets.

Think about DVD players and satellite TV consoles too. The right entertainment unit will have designated spaces for these unless you prefer to arrange them all on top.

Your sound system is another consideration. Sound bars need to be front and centre whereas speakers may need some side room to create an immersive experience.

If you have gaming consoles, they need to be easy to access but also securable, especially if there are kids in the house. That’s when stands with lockable drawers come in handy.

It’s important to take a good long look at your electronics when deciding the type of entertainment unit you need. They are a good indicator of how much storage space you’ll need.


Style & Finish


The style and finish of a TV stand can make or break a room. Currently, the low-line style TV stand is the most popular type as it leaves the most room for creativity and uniqueness. It also hides cables better.

If you have a dedicated TV wall, consider going for a mounted entertainment unit as it’s usually the best fit for unique dimensions and décor.

Choosing the right colour is mostly a matter of preference. Lighter hues will add brightness to the room, while natural wood finishes give the room a more authentic feel.

Feel free to match the unit’s colour to the room’s colour scheme if you want it to blend in. Sometimes, the best way to create a focal point is to make everything else part of the background.


Cost vs. Quality


Once you’ve checked all the boxes above, there’s one last consideration to make, and it’s by far the most important.


How much should you spend on your entertainment unit?


Even though everyone has a different budget, a rule of thumb that you shouldn’t spend less than you need to, applies here. Wood is a pricey material, so it makes sense that a quality TV stand should set you back at least couple of hundred dollars.

You can save money with discounts from various suppliers, but ultimately, you shouldn’t cheap out when buying furniture for your home. 

It’s wise to invest enough in a good entertainment unit. With good care, it can serve its purpose diligently for years.

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