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How Tall Should a Bedside Table Be?

Date Posted:11 December 2021 

How Tall Should a Bedside Table Be? main image How Tall Should a Bedside Table Be? image

Bedside tables, also known as nightstands, are an excellent example of furniture that must be functional and beautiful. If users can't even reach their bedside lamp, it's pointless to have a beautiful nightstand. Likewise, you wouldn't want a jarringly out-of-place, strictly functional piece to detract from the deliberate design of the bedroom decor.

A bedside table should be roughly level with your mattress top, i.e., the resting surface. The top of your nightstand should be the same level as your mattress, plus or minus a few inches, to make it easy to access and create a clean, clear spot across your bed. If it gets hard to match the mattress height exactly, look for marginally more significant instead of lower.

After you've figured out your bed, linens, and clothing storage, you'll need to figure out what ends up on either bedside table. You'll need a table that complements your decor while also providing enough storage and surface area to meet your needs. Are you on the lookout for the ideal bedside table? What should your perfect table's height and width be? We looked into different night table factors to consider when choosing the height of your bedside table.


Compared to the Mattress


In bedrooms, designers will frequently draw the altitudes of a bed to see how each furniture piece fits together. To begin, you would want the top of the mattress to be about the exact height of the nightstand.

Fortunately, if the bedside table height is an issue, you can measure the size of the bed instead. The bed frame may be adjustable, allowing you to lower or raise it to complement the height of your existing nightstand.


Size of a Bedside Table


Between your bedside tables and bed, you would like to obtain a tremendous visual scale. Nightstands that are either too small or too big compared to the bed will look out of place. If the depth is greater than 24", it will be challenging to get around in bed.

Aside from that, consider what you intend to put on the bedside table: a glass of wine or water, a lamp, or books. Make sure the choice of the table is large enough to seat everyone comfortably. As a general rule, king-sized beds look best when paired with nightstands that are 20" to 40 '' broad. Tables that appear too small are a common blunder.


Select a Set


You should identify a reputable professional who is an expert in the area of interior decoration and a genius furniture craftsman. With that, be rest assured that they had already thought of everything for the customer long in advance.

Buying a nightstand tailored to suit a bedroom set or comes as part of a collection is a savvy way to consider all design features. It saves you time from having to create the look on by yourself. This arrangement could be the best choice to balance your bedroom area if you follow and practice the art of Feng Shui.




Something that can never be just enough — and nightstands with sufficient storage are essential in a calm and clutter-free room. Even incorporating one or two shelves or drawers into your night table would be helpful, even if you use the space for reading materials, nightwear, or knick-knacks you enjoy having on hand.


Rule of Thumb


The consensus among skilled décor experts and furniture artisans is that bedside tables should be between 24 and 36 inches tall. Because the standard mattress height is 25 inches, these figures have become common. Though, like the owners, not all bed frames, mattresses, or nightstands are the same.

When it comes to handcrafted, custom furniture, there is always the option of variety. When it comes to made-to-order beds, you should match the height of your potential bedside tables to what you already have.




As per the designers or well perspicacious clients with an excellent eye for aesthetics and trends, the style of your bedside table can influence how well it fits into the bedroom's ornamentation. After you've determined the mattress size to complement the height of your nightstand, you can concentrate on matching designs.

If there is one, reconciling the night table appearance to meet the bed headboard should also be considered when choosing a height.

When deciding how long you want your bedside table to be, please consider how the headboard balances with your wall and how it all scales with the night tables. It is incredibly crucial for those who exercise Feng Shui to maintain the harmony of their bedrooms to sustain their sense of flow and style.

If you want these night tables to appear taller than 30" or to have a bed of that height, you could perhaps consider all kinds of other possibilities to become a night table for whimsical or an avant-garde look. A lovely ancient half-moon night table or even a lovely mahogany blanket chest with drawers could complement the suggested nightstand height and offer your bedroom a distinct look.




Because the size of the mattress determines the height of the night table, you have a few options to customize it to your preferences further. Most of the time, you tend to get away with a nightstand that is either 2 to 6 inches smaller or taller than the mattress.

However, going anything further for either will throw off the room's balance and look odd, too short, or tall limits the functionality of the nightstand.


Take Away


You're probably looking forward to sleeping in your new king-size bed till you realize that the nightstand is out of reach. It's something you might well have overlooked in the beginning until you discover you have to extend your space during the night, check the phone, switch off the bedside lamp, or turn off the alarm clock.

Provided that the height of your mattress has already impacted your entire furnishings, it is not surprising. This guide is relevant and will assist you in finding a suitable bedside table and make the space look cohesive.

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