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How Much Do Kitchen Islands Cost

How Much Do Kitchen Islands Cost main image How Much Do Kitchen Islands Cost image

Is it already time to remodel your kitchen, upgrade it or make a few changes but have no idea where to start? You’ve come to the right place! 

Upgrading or installing a kitchen island is a fantastic idea. Plus, if you're looking to sell your home, most buyers are captivated by the presence of a kitchen island, as they consider it a "must-have" in their home. 

Islands are incredible, versatile, and gorgeous. They save space and provide additional functionality and storage. Besides, they add a touch of extravagance to your kitchen. While you might not be planning to upgrade or remodel immediately, it's always good to have some ideas so that you're sure of what you want when it’s time to make changes. 

A kitchen island is not usually as pricey compared to a complete remodel. Better yet, it is also a good option if you need additional storage space in the kitchen. But, how much does a kitchen island cost? Honestly, there are various factors to consider before determining the exact cost. 


How much do kitchen islands cost?


Typically, the larger the island, the more expensive it is. What’s more, if it has more features, you should expect it to cost more. If you have a limited budget but want to install a kitchen island, you should buy kitchen island from a home improvement shop for an effortless and inconvenient kitchen boost. 

Generally, a prefab kitchen island will cost between 140 and 3,000 Australian dollars, though they usually need minimal assembling. This option is most suitable for someone on a budget or with a small kitchen. More spacious and complex kitchen islands feature a handful of nifty features like wine racks, shelves, pot racks, drawers, and multiple countertop material options, which may take up significant kitchen space. 

Alternatively, if you're searching for a touch of luxury, you should consider a custom-designed kitchen island. Ideally, it will cost you between 4,000 to 14,000 Australian dollars. Nonetheless, you should remember that the total cost will depend on the specific project. Essentially, things like the island's size, material utilized, and extra inclusions like running water and electricity can impact the final cost. 


Best Movable Kitchen Trolleys in Australia


Elwood  Kitchen Trolley


Your kitchen is kept nice and clean with this stylish kitchen island! Some of its features include:

  • Three huge drawers, a two-door cabinet, and a wide spice rack on the side to help you arrange your possessions.
  • The countertop can be stretched or deflated to provide more space or make it smaller for storage.
  • The kitchen cart features four universal rubber wheels, two of which have brakes, providing mobility and the ability to halt fast without creating a lot of noise.
  • On the side is a retractable towel bar that can be utilized to store towels and dishes while still serving as a grip for easier cart handling.


Eames Kitchen Trolley


This kitchen cart features two shelves at the bottom, two spacious drawers, a towel rack, and a stainless-steel flip countertop. Its clean and versatile design makes it excellent for all kitchens and living areas. If you need an extra workstation, this kitchen trolley is the way to go.


  • The simple and stylish build of this kitchen island, as well as its flexibility, make it great for tiny kitchens, dorms, apartments, and hallways.
  • The robust construction and hardwood legs provide excellent stability for the contents of the cart.
  • The spacious drawers offer extra storage, while the two bottom shelves offer ample space for different utensils.
  • The stainless-steel build is waterproof and rust-resistant, making it ideal for long-term use.
  • It's also simple to clean up.
  • The towel rack is ideal for hanging towels and also functions as a handle when moving the cart.
  • It's easy to maneuver because of the four wheels. To halt, lock two wheels together.
  • This kit is straightforward to assemble, thanks to precise instructions and clearly labeled pieces.


Montauk Kitchen Island


With its stunning solid wood top, this kitchen island will instantly transform the look of your kitchen. This kitchen island provides the extra storage space you need, and the wheels make it easy to slide into any accessible spot.


  • One glass door opens to reveal shelf storage with a middle shelf that can be adjusted.
  • One fixed shelf with a solid bottom
  • One middle, fixed slat shelf
  • Drawers with reliable runners
  • The countertop made of solid rubberwood
  • MDF with a 22mm thickness and a white paint finish
  • Handles with a round chrome finish
  • 3 Multipurpose Hanging Hooks for Tea Towels
  • It has a white color with a Natural Wooden Top


Hina Movable Kitchen Island


This kitchen cart is perfect for adding more storage space for all of your kitchen essentials. This space-saving cart features a stainless-steel countertop, two shelves, and one drawer. The castors are durable and can be secured for increased security, allowing easy mobility throughout your space.

The white finish complements any current kitchen design.


  • This kitchen cart expands your kitchen area while also offering extra storage space for your culinary necessities.
  • The durable MDF panel and hardwood legs provide excellent stability for the contents of the cart.
  • The modern design is attractive and versatile enough to suit any kitchen design.
  • Stainless steel build is anti-rust and waterproof for a long time.
  • The bottom two shelves provide a lot of storage.
  • It's easy to maneuver, thanks to four flexible swivel wheels.
  • The lockable casters give stability when coming to a halt.
  • Thanks to the thorough and specific directions, it's straightforward to put together.


How to Make Your Kitchen Island Inexpensive


Installing your kitchen island does not have to be expensive. You don't require a flashy one, as long it serves its purpose. You can go for a quartz countertop for less money but a similar fancy appearance as a marble countertop. 


Smaller Size 


The larger the island, whether a kitchen island trolley or something less portable, the more expensive it is. However, be sure you want a small one because you might need extra space later. 


Start Small


When on a budget, you might not have the funds to cover all costs; hence it would be best to do the basics first and then do the rest later. Some things can be done later, including incorporating small appliances such as a wine cooler. 




You no longer need to stress about permits and building codes if your kitchen island is movable, like a kitchen island trolley. This will eventually reduce the total cost and difficulty of the work. Again, it might save you funds by upcycling your vintage cabinet. Here, the cost will lessen by simply refinishing this furniture and placing the countertop. 




Overall, the cost of a kitchen island depends on its size, material, and the extra requirements it will come with. Moreover, choosing a kitchen island depends mainly on two things, your plans for it and your budget. It would be more convenient to choose a kitchen trolley, Australia, as you can eventually move them according to your interior décor needs. 

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