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Easy and Romantic Valentine's Day Table Decoration Ideas

Date Posted:9 February 2022 

Easy and Romantic Valentine's Day Table Decoration Ideas main image Easy and Romantic Valentine's Day Table Decoration Ideas image

Valentine’s Day is and has always been a high-pressure type of day. Everyone who wishes to celebrate it feels the constant need to come up with the perfect set-up in order to have the perfect date on Valentine’s Day. To help you achieve this, herein are some super easy and romantic Valentine’s Day table decoration ideas.


Colour Scheme


The choice of a flattering colour theme while setting up a Valentine’s Day table will definitely be the determinant of a successful valentine. Red is a dominant colour and ought to be paired with either velvet, light pink or black as the theme for the table, with either gold or silver as the accent colour.

The choice of a white loose linen tablecloth paired with red placemats would really assist to liven the mood for the table.


Centrepiece and Flowers


Flowers are as Valentine’s Day as Valentine’s Day are flowers. For a comfortable, cute, yet not so expensive valentine at home, as a centrepiece for the table, a choice of either red and or white roses will go a long way to brighten the room. The contrast with the white tablecloth would bring out that sensual look.

Alternatively, the white can be swapped with a black velvet tablecloth for a darker look. Ensure that you place the flowers in a really cute vase in line with the theme and add a floral preservative into the water to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time.

Instead of a whole bunch of flowers, another option would be to scatter the flowers on the table just to add more texture to the centerpiece.




Scented candles are currently the trend everywhere, and they can be found at any convenience store or mini-mart. Sticking with the colour scheme of either white, red or pink candles is a good addition to the table décor. Attention to the candle holder can make a huge difference in a room.

You want to go with a holder that is artistic but still can be used on many other different occasions. Any holder in the shape of a heart can make otherwise plain coloured candles to look very lively. At all times, it is important to ensure that the candles are lit not too close to the flowers to avoid any accidental hazards.

An alternative and the cheaper DIY option would be to use floating candles. You can place them in a good clear jar and sprinkle petals of flowers in the jar before you put in the candles in order to give a more homely feel. For an even cheaper route, the use of ribbons in whichever cute colour tied around mason jars and handcrafted heart cut-outs that are stuck onto the mason jar would make it more sentimental.


Balloons and Gift Wraps


The option of whether or not to use balloons is a personal preference. To add a little bit of liveliness to the room, you can set up either normal balloons in whichever colour scheme or heart-shaped balloons. The focus should be on hanging the balloon decorations together in one corner so that they do not interfere with the table décor but still give that celebratory romantic feeling.

The balloons can be in the shape of an arch in different colours or ones that already have a message inscribed on them. You want to go big but not too big on the balloons so as not to overshadow all the other decorations.


Placemats, Plating and a Drink


The use of any shape of placemats but in line with whichever colours you have chosen to go with as the theme will complete your table look. Either the plates or placemats in the shape of a heart are really trendy for Valentine’s Day décor. There is no pressure to have everything matching, as long as they end up blending in well together to your satisfaction.

Don’t be scared to play around with the napkins. You can use red and white napkins together or even a mixture of light pink and red napkins all depending on the colours that you feel best suit you and what you are going for. You can then tie the look together with heart-shaped napkin holders just to be set up a little bit cleaner.

A good table is always covered with a good drink. A chilled bottle of a drink of your preference is a great addition to the table. You can play around with the bottle by decorating it however you like.


Edible Arrangements


When going for a more personalized feel and experience, create your own edible arrangement at home for you and your partner. If you have a sweet tooth, then a chocolate bouquet would be the perfect one for your valentine. Mix up the basket with some fruit and tasty treats to create a variety and also options for the person you are spending your valentine’s with. 

Experiment with what is easily and cheaply available to you. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a delight. Mix in the basket some candy, chocolate, fruit and or pastries if you can. Be creative and fill the basket with whatever suits your taste palette.


Personalized Messages


Valentine’s is all about romance. And there is nothing more romantic than having a message or even a poem specifically for your partner form a piece of your table décor. Get a card with a sweet handwritten message.

Even more personal is printing the message on plain paper and putting it in a glass frame just so that your effort is seen. Be it romantic photo booths, wall art, customised glass goblets and mugs, you want to make this a part of your special day and so include it in your table décor.




Valentine’s day only comes once a year, but there can never be a lack of ideas to be implemented. Use this valentine’s day to create a memorable, easy and romantic table for you and your partner. It is all in the effort that you put in to make your table unique for a very personalized feel and experience.

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