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Console Tables Buying Guide

Date Posted:11 December 2021 

Console Tables Buying Guide main image Console Tables Buying Guide image

A console table is an important part of furnishing a home because it is ideal for just any narrow space. The table can transform a hallway by utilizing the space on landings, behind sofas, and under stairwells. They also have a non-practical application. A properly-decorated table can give any room a genuine wow factor.

Looking around one's home for just a spot where the console table would be appropriate begins the process of finding the correct table to satisfy your needs. The table is a great way to pull a statement with how it appears and how you spruce it up. It could either be unique as a decorative accessory or rather blend in with the rest of your home's furnishings.

Among the most dynamic furniture pieces, you can purchase a console table! It would help if you started by taking some measurements before actually purchasing the table for the home. Because the tables come in various sizes and shapes, choosing one that complements your space is critical. In this guide, we'll go over some of the best stylings and sizing tips to help you make the most out of owning a console table in a home.


Know the Measurements


Most of the console tables are made to be placed against the wall due to their size and shape. Since this type of table is typically narrower, the console table benefits from supporting a wall against which to lean, style, and prop items. Putting the console table against the wall is an excellent way to display some of your favorite works of art.

If you're renting a place, this is a great trick to use because you won't be able to put nails on a wall. If you want to put your console table in the hallway, you'll need to be aware of the available space. You might not want guests walking into your house and crashing into the table!

According to your measurements, there should be plenty of space to walk past, though it's always a good idea to double-check. Also, it's a good idea to check on the weight and height bearing the capacity of the shelf; suppose your table has one. It ensures that anything you need to display fits into the space available.


Console Table Finishes


It's important to think critically about the flooring in your home space when picking the table finish fabric. With wooden or tiled flooring, the console table with a chrome, mirrored, or glass finish would indeed be perfect for adding a modern and crisp look to your space.

Chrome finishes look great with patterned or colored rugs and carpets because they tend to reflect the colors beautifully. Gloss can be used in various interiors, though it looks especially nice when paired with a coordinated tiling or patterned carpet.


Select a Style


It's good to reflect on designing now that you've figured out your finishes and sizing. Choosing a single style for every room creates flow and cohesion in one's home and is a true reflection of a personal lifestyle and tastes.

The real kicker is there is no wrong or right way to choose a style. There are many other options to opt from that may be difficult to narrow down to only one.

Decor styles could be divided into a few broad categories and then subdivided into a plethora of sub-categories. Traditional, modern, transitional, country and incredibly diverse decorating styles are all available.

Hallways, bedrooms, entryways, dining rooms, and living rooms are common places for sofa tables. Your selection should be appropriate for the space in which you will use it. The table in the entryway or hallway should add a bit of sophistication while also providing an ample storage area for small objects such as keys. Living rooms benefit from decorative sofa tables, while dining rooms benefit from tables with enough storage, such as a sideboard.


Determine the Function


Console tables are multipurpose, flexible wonders that you can use for a variety of purposes. Decide what you need to do with one. Fill up storage space, dress it up, use it as a playroom divider or an accent table; make an informed decision. The sort of sofa table you buy should be suitable for the task for which you purchased it.


Select a Material


It would help if you had it strong, appealing, and sturdy because it will be utilized to set down your keys, display mementos, and hold the table lamp. Don't forget about the tabletop while choosing the materials for your sofa table.

Stylish tables with unique tops made from various materials available from some manufacturers include glass, leather, granite, hardwood, slate, marble, softwood, aluminum, iron, real stone, steel, and other materials commonly used for the console tables. Your budget, location, and other factors should determine the fabric you choose for your table.

You could select a contemporary glass table or one with a granite or mosaic top to create a bold statement inside a room or hallway.


Room Decor


A sofa table should blend in with the rest of a home's decor. Could it be modern, minimalist, colorful, or ornate? The tables are available in a variety of materials and styles. Choose one that complements the aesthetic of your home.

Your console table must meld in with the rest of the room's visual decor. It might not be a mismatch, but it can create a statement. For instance, in a stylish, modern spot, a carved, heavy wood will be a no-no.




Has this guide piqued your interest in purchasing a new sofa table? The mighty but small tables are the designer's favorite in the home decor world. These versatile accent pieces can be used in any room and provide equal numbers of style and functionality. 

The above particulars will assist you in narrowing down your choices based on features and materials. It can be used to fill in blank spaces, draw attention to something, detract from something, or accent something. 

In addition, the ideal console table blends the best of these two worlds – style and functionality.

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