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9 Best Kids Bookshelves to Encourage Reading

9 Best Kids Bookshelves to Encourage Reading main image 9 Best Kids Bookshelves to Encourage Reading image

Reading is an essential part of a child’s cognitive growth. It improves their vocabulary and pronunciation as they learn new things in language. Instead of stacking books on the table or drawer, they would look better on a bookshelf.

Finding a good kids bookshelf should not be difficult. AusPoints provides shelves in different designs and materials to choose from, and they come in various sizes to fit your space. Below are some of the best kids bookshelves to encourage reading.


1. Kodi 5-Tear Kids Wide Storage Shelf



Kodi offers a beautiful white kids room bookshelf that looks stunning in any décor. It consists of metal construction that will last a while. The shelf provides wide storage space for books, toys, and other kid's items. It has two open shelves and three rows for book storage, giving you adequate room to keep your child’s room organized.

Besides, the shelf has wheels for easy movement around the room, and cleaning it is simple, fostering cleanliness always. Moreover, this kids bookshelf and storage is lightweight, and every row can carry a maximum load of 3kg. It comes with a one-year warranty, and the pack includes an anti-topple wall bracket for secure installation.


2. Eva Canvas Display Kids Bookshelf


As you furnish your little one’s room, keep in mind a small, lovely kids bookshelf like the Eva Canvas Shelf. It is white and features a painted MDF frame and canvas woven shelving. It is lightweight, and assembling it is simple. If you need a kids house bookcase, this will look great. It is long-lasting, compact, and takes up little space.

Besides, it is made of non-irritating, eco-friendly materials, and the rounded edges safeguard your child from scratches. The shelf weighs under five kilograms and has four rows for book storage.


3. Kodi 6-Tier Kids Bookshelf


Kodi provides a larger bookshelf for kids than the previous model. The 6-tier shelf has three open rows and three shelves for book storage. It incorporates a simple design that seamlessly fits any kid's bedroom or playroom.

The metal material used in making the shelf fosters durability. The manufacturer also includes four wheels on the shelf, two of which have brakes for easy, safer maneuvering. The shelf is easy to clean, using a clean, and each shelf can comfortably carry a load of 3kg. Use the extra space to keep your child’s toys and other items to help them learn some organization skills.


4. Kids Classic 4-Tier Book Rack


When you need a classic style bookcase for kids room, this Kids 4-tier rack matches your taste. It is great for coloring books, magazines, and books. The rack provides sufficient room for your kid’ collection of reading material as they grow older.

It offers non-woven fabric storage space, and the frame is made of MDF. The white finish adds style to the rack, which comes with wall brackets to prevent toppling. Use the rack to keep your kid’s books and toys in one place for neatness and easy access.


5. Kodi 5-Tier Kids Bookshelf


The other 5-tier Kodi bookshelf has a wide design, while this model covers less width. It fits easily in those tiny corners, which come in handy when the horizontal space in a kid’s room is limited. This bookcase for kids room is also white and made from powder-coated iron.

Use the supplied wall bracket to keep it in place and prevent toppling. Each shelf can carry 3kg of weight, and the wheels allow easy movement in playrooms and children's rooms. The bookshelf is durable and looks fantastic around other furniture in your kid’s room.


6. Kodi 6-Tier Wide Storage Kids Bookshelf



Being in the review of the best kids bookshelf Australia, the Kodi six-tier wide storage bookshelf provides more room for your child’s collection. Besides, the large storage space can be shared with siblings and reduce clutter around the house.

Like the other Kodi kids bookshelves, this model is white in color and made of quality metal material. It provides a lovely area for your little one to display and show off their collection of books and other items. It also has wheels for easier mobility and to keep your child’s items away from the floor.


7. Mia Kids Book Display


Mia Kids Bookshelf provides space for book display and three storage tubs. The tubs and shelves are made of non-woven fabric, and the frame consists of MDF and pine. The white shade looks stunning in every kid’s bedroom. Use this kids bookshelf to organize your child’s books, magazines, stationery, and toys.

Assemble it and set it up against the wall to prevent falling. The bookshelf is also a wonderful surprise for your kid’s room. It is stylish and looks great in every room. The tubs allow you to separate toys and other things from books for an elegant, organized display and storage.


8. Mia 2-Door Kids House Storage Unit


Mia provides a unique bookshelf that looks fun for kids. It takes a house shape and provides storage and display areas for your kid’s belongings. This kids bookshelf consists of high-quality MDF and has a lovely white painted finish.

The pinewood legs provide stability to the shelf, and the four compartments allow you to neatly display and store different items. The two doors help you keep away personal items and conceal toys. Additionally, the manufacturer provides wall brackets for secure bookshelf setup and does not use lead paint.  


9Mia Multi-Storage Kids Bookshelf


The Mia multi-storage unit is an elegant, well-designed bookshelf for your kid’s room. It is spacious and provides different slots to better organize books and other items. The white color and pine legs look marvelous. The bookshelf for kids room is sturdy and made of MDF material.

It has three open storage sections and two large open compartments, and the manufacturer provides wall brackets. The shelf has two screw holes visible from its front side. Assemble the shelf, set it up in your kid’s room, and enjoy the benefits it provides.


Take Away


Bookshelves help us organize our spaces to keep things in order. They are not only useful for adults but also for kids. If your child has a collection of books and it keeps increasing as days go by, consider buying one of the kid’s bookshelves we have discussed above. They are stylish, well built, and provide a stunning storage area for books, toys, and other items.

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