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9 Best Home Office Ideas that Boost Productivity

Date Posted:14 February 2022 

9 Best Home Office Ideas that Boost Productivity main image 9 Best Home Office Ideas that Boost Productivity image

You may have been working from home for a few years or months and have run into a common problem; it's becoming harder for you to remain productive. While this issue often plagues the workplace, it's often three times more problematic for people who work from home. The reason is quite simple; it's harder for people to work productively in areas they use to eat, relax, sleep and socialize.


Such locations often have many distractions that leave individuals feeling unmotivated each time they want to work. Individuals that work from home should perfectly balance work environments optimally to fit between productivity and comfort. The environment should be ergonomic, i.e., it should allow people that work from home to be effective and productive while enjoying the benefits of working from home.


Working from home provides you with the freedom to decorate and furnish your home to your liking. If you want some inspiration on how you can improve your workspace and become more productive, then you've come to the right place. Read on to find some of the best ideas to boost productivity in your home office.


1. Create a dedicated home office space


You need to create a dedicated office space regardless of your home office's size. This space allows you to separate your office space from your home life. If you have enough space at home, you could use a separate room as your home office. If you don't, then you could go for a desk, small table, or section of your kitchen counter that's dedicated to your work life.


Doing this will help transform you into your work mode, making you feel like someone working in an office each day. Working from this space and protecting (emotionally) it from other sections of your home allows you to stay focused and become more productive instead of working from any convenient location around your home.


2. Be organized and have a clean workspace


It'll be quite difficult for you to be organized and productive if you don't maintain a clean workspace. A cluttered workspace leads to a scattered and unproductive mind. Thus, if you are one of those individuals that have dirty dishes and clothes on or around your workspace, then the chances are that you aren't that productive.


Ensure that you clean your desk and have enough storage for various items, including documents, bills, etc. Ensure that you purchase appropriate furniture that'll help you plan and manage your office space. If you have a desktop computer or a few books, then you could go for the Elmer Study Desk with a super sleek design, four drawers, and an amazing bargain.


3. Design your layout based on needs


Research has determined that workplace setups have become more personal as time passes and various environments are set up to fit various requirements, i.e., increased focus, collaboration, meetings, etc. Your home office's design depends on the space and your business needs.


For instance, will you require some space for clients to sit, will you have to host meetings, will you have visiting clients? Getting appropriate answers to these questions helps you design a proper setup that works for your home office. Thus, it would help if you had the right furniture (depending on your preference) to fit your goals.


4. Have the right technology


One of the most critical components of a productive home workspace is applying appropriate technology. You should set up your home workspace the same way you could your commercial workspace. Doing this convinces you that you are in a commercial office, boosting your productivity and making you work more effectively.


Ensure that you have the right computer programs that fit your needs. You don't have to do all this if you are on a budget. Start where you can and work your way upwards. Get the correct furniture for your home office, appropriate technology, and the required programs. Spend some time exploring your options before making any purchases.


5. Make the home office environment more breathable


Most people get bored working in the office because they need to relax, recharge, and breathe in some fresh air. It's a human being's innate desire to be in one with nature. Thus, if you feel that you are becoming less productive, you'll need to incorporate your home office with various aspects of nature.


You can do this by placing your home office close to a window that provides excellent views of natural surroundings. If you can't do this, then you can go ahead and hang some photos, paintings, indoor plants, and 3-D wallpapers. Doing this helps you stay connected with nature, improves your wellbeing, and boosts productivity.


6. Work on your home office's ergonomics


If you feel like you are in pain or are uncomfortable, then it's quite likely that you are less productive and creative than you usually are. Purchasing a good desk and chair is fundamentally helpful if you want to be more creative. The best way to measure this is by ensuring that your computer's screen is on eye level and 75cm away from your face.


Ensure that your wrists and hands slightly point downwards when typing with your feet planted flat on the floor. Consider purchasing a footrest if your feet can't reach the ground. You could also lower your chair if it doesn't affect your typing. You could also consider purchasing office furniture at a low and cost-effective price.


7. Feel comfortable but not too relaxed


If you want to be productive, you have to take your time and search for the perfect balance between comfort and too much relaxation. Ensure that you aren't too comfortable and forget what you need to do. Take some time and assess your workspace to determine whether it's helping you get more profitable.


For instance, working from bed is taking things too far. Ensure that your home office's atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. It should extend your work life with just a bit more freedom to add some personal touch. Have some fun with it but look out for instances where bad could become worse.


8. Choose decor and colours that make you feel good


Do you feel like you are an amateur decorator (interior designer) that doesn't know the difference between their Hollywood glamour and minimalism? If you are, then you'll need to hold things back a little bit more, do some research and ask for some help before creating your home office vibe. The bare minimum you could do is select a colour palate and office furniture that you're comfortable using.


You could go with green (a neutral tone that restores balance and soothes the soul) or work with some purple to spruce up your imagination. If you feel like you understand what you need and have the means to get it, you could look through pint rest for some inspiration and design a home office that suits your needs.


9. Keep your space well lit


You can reduce your productivity by working in dimly lit offices if you strain your eyesight. Working from home offers you the opportunity to design your home office to utilize 100% or most of the natural light and as little as possible of artificial lighting. Take your time to develop the perfect balance that forks out for you.


If you get some natural light, ensure that the complimentary artificial light is as close to the natural light as possible. Depending on your type of work, you could add various types of lamps for some additional lights or a few themed lights with adjustable colour patterns.




The most important aspect of creating a good work-from-home office is ensuring that you are comfortable and as productive as you can be. There's no sure way to know exactly if you are comfortable enough; however, you could make some estimates by switching around a few things like your office's position, the amount of natural light you let in, selecting chic and functional office furniture, etc. Take some time to discover what you like most and implement it. Have fun!

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