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8 Stunning Ways to Decorate a TV Unit

Date Posted:16 May 2022 

8 Stunning Ways to Decorate a TV Unit main image 8 Stunning Ways to Decorate a TV Unit image

Often a TV unit is a focal point in any room. It is a piece of furniture taking up vital real estate in the room, so you should pay enough attention to how it is decorated. Because you are most likely buying for its practicality, you probably are wondering how you will pull this off o here are some suggestions for you. 


Mount the TV on the wall.


The first step in decorating our TV unit is mounting it on the wall. It is usually a debate of two choices to either have the TV stand on the console or mount it on the wall. The latter option is the best as it offers several opportunities. The TV can still be a focal point, but it is not overbearing and allows other aspects around it to shine.

Further, you do not get the problem of cables and cords taking up space everywhere. Mounting the TV on the wall is also ideal as it makes the room appear larger, and the space on the TV stand can be used for setting up other décor and storage. 


Get creative with the shapes.


Shapes add more character, depth, and texture. You can use different shapes to achieve movement with different heights, and they do not have to take away from your TV unit. You should also integrate rounded shapes that help you soften the TV and stand's sharper angles.

Things like rounded vases, lamps, and organically shaped candles will bring the desired smooth transitions in your movement and be easy on the eye. Be sure to avoid distracting shapes, though; you want all elements on the unit to complement the television, not take away from it, or dominate it to the point it is obscured.  


Match the décor to the entertainment unit.


Cohesion is vital when you are decorating a modern TV unit. It is much easier if you have an existing room theme since you would buy according to that. Where such a theme does not exist, you have to base your décor on the stand and the television set. You can use the décor to highlight the color of the TV, or it can complement it. As for the TV stand or console, there are endless options in the market. You can look for patterns, high gloss finishes, or stained finishes.

The design allows you to either incorporate more accents or just a couple of items, and the TV dominates as the centerpiece. The goal is to match the general theme of the house or create a standout theme around the TV screen. That may not be possible with the TV set alone or with clashing décor. 


Add some texture to the wall.


The wall on which you mount the TV should not be left empty with just the TV on. This is especially important if you have a large wall as then, instead of looking spacious as the case of a smaller room, it will look empty. The best approach is to add items that bring texture and distribute attention away from the TV.

Circular items like wall clocks and art or other wall hangings will provide this subtle addition. You can also have a patterned wallpaper to create an interesting matching backdrop, especially if you are not ready for a permanent wall change like painting etc. 


Combine form and function.


It is important that the TV entertainment unit has both aesthetics and utility. This is true whether space is a premium or you have plenty of room. When you have a little storage room, the stand is an excellent place to store your books, electronic accessories, and even towels and blankets in the drawers.

On the other hand, you can go for an open shelf setup which gives you the option to place candles, photos, paintings, and other accents that set the mood and theme for the whole room. The essential factor is to identify what room needs and work around your choice of TV entertainment unit to fulfill the need. 


Go for a minimal clean finish; do not overdo the setup.


It is tempting to want to fit everything on all available space on the stand and shelves. However, the modern TV unit looks well with a minimalist approach. It is tempting to want to put everything on display, especially at a place that gets so much attention.

But then, everything would be in each other's way, and it will also be a distraction when the TV is on. You should start by deciding on the number and kinds of items you will have. Stacking will help you connect items like you could start with a coffee table book and have a vase on top or another decorative item. You should also look to leave space between the items and at the front of the TV. 


Integrate some flowers.


Flowers add life, color, and style to your TV unit and brighten up the whole room. There are two options you can pick from, either live flowers or faux flowers. With live flowers, you get the advantage of fragrance to add to the mood, while faux flowers do not die and are ever fresh. Both options still require vases which you can use to add more presence in the room.

You should carefully consider the vase’s color, material, and shape, and these would have an impact on the overall feel and look. You can have two plants of different textures, shapes, and heights to complement each other. 


Maintain symmetry and visual flow.


Your arrangement and items on the TV unit should have symmetry and also a visual flow. You can achieve symmetry by balancing both sides of the television unit with bookcases.

You can also go for wall art on the sides and have a lamp or floral arrangements balancing each other on the sides while lightening up the area. Intelligent use of space and the décor should help you add more depth through the layering and the varying heights of the items. 


Final Thought


There are different designs of TV units sold at AusPoints, so let your decoration start from there and then use décor that lightens the setup and compliments the plan of the rest of the room. Remember, little is more when decorating the entertainment unit, and avoid items that end up cluttering the space. 

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