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8 Reasons Why You Need a Kitchen Trolley

Date Posted:11 December 2021 

8 Reasons Why You Need a Kitchen Trolley main image 8 Reasons Why You Need a Kitchen Trolley image

Women, househusbands, and chefs will tell you that no kitchen – large or small – does not need extra space. You will always need one extra cabinet, or more counter space, or another drawer! However, a cluttered and messy kitchen is very upsetting, especially when you have friends and family over and you have to cook.

Kitchen trollies are a cooking, dining, and storage solution for every household – and some commercial settings too. Investing in a kitchen trolley is a smart idea. The reason is, it is an affordable piece of furniture that eliminates the need for extra space in the kitchen and dining room.

Being a highly flexible furniture unit, a kitchen trolley can serve many purposes. It can be used in any room for any occasion. Most importantly, it brings organization and declutters every space, be it the kitchen or bedroom. Below are eight more reasons why a kitchen trolley is a practical investment.


Extra Storage


Kitchen trollies are designed with shelves and some with mobility wheels. This design makes them suitable for use in the kitchen. Since they are so compact yet spacious, kitchen trollies are a great storage solution.

The open-shelf tiers make them ideal for storing spices, utensils, cutlery, wine, and other knick-knacks. Additionally, you can keep cleaning supplies for an easier time performing duties and cleaning spills.

With a trolley, you will always have access to items you need most of the time. If you feel like you always need an additional kitchen cabinet or drawer, a trolley is just what you are lacking.


Serving Trolley


Are you looking for a way to impress your family and guests at the dining table? What about a mobile serving trolley? Although kitchen trollies are meant for the kitchen, their benefits can be extended to other rooms in the house too.

Take advantage of the wheels and use the unit to transfer food and refreshments effortlessly. You can also use it to serve a sick or senior person in their rooms. Want a cart to move items for the barbeque? Try a kitchen trolley!


Nightstand Option


Small, portable kitchen trolleys are approximately the same height as a standard bed. If you need more space in the bedroom, use the trolley as a nightstand to keep books, alarm clocks, jewelry, plants, and other bedroom essentials.

Furthermore, you can use the kitchen trolley for décor in the bedroom. Use the nightstand to display framed photos, lamps, and decorative ornaments. The shelves keep the nightstand organized so you can get anything you need before or after bed.


Small Bar Trolley


Kitchen trollies are a fantastic display for all your wines, liquor, and glasses. If you have a vast collection of drinks, you can fill all the tiers with bottles. Since most designs are mobile, you won’t have to struggle every time a guest needs a gin and tonic or a glass of wine.

If you have an intimate gathering, barbeque, party, or outdoor picnic, you can turn your kitchen trolley into a bar cart. You can always count on your kitchen trolley no matter what room you are entertaining your guests in.


Balcony Décor


If you have a small balcony and want to create some space, buy a kitchen trolley. You can use the trolley as a planter stand and display as many plants/flowers as possible. Next, you can store gardening equipment, seeds, and tools for easy reach. And, you can customize the trolley for pleasing aesthetics.

A kitchen trolley can transform a dull, compressed balcony into a neat, green space.


Mobile Kitchen Island


Kitchen islands are getting more and more popular as the day goes by. If you do not have one and can’t afford a remodel, save yourself some cash and FOMO by getting a large kitchen trolley, especially stainless steel or wooden.

You can use it for meal prep, as a serving table, a gathering spot, and storage space. With the extra counter space, try selecting a personalized design that will leave you the envy of every stay-at-home mum in the neighborhood!


Bathroom Storage


The best kitchen trollies to use in the bathroom are wooden ones – they work wonders in keeping a clutter-free bathroom. Stainless steel trollies will work if you are looking for a heavy-duty bathroom cart. You can use the bottom shelves to store products you rarely use and the top tier for items you use daily.

If you do not have a dressing table, place the kitchen trolley close to a mirror. This turns it into a perfect hair and make-up station. Keep all your cosmetic and hair products on the shelves and adorn yourself at ease.


Physical Room Divide


Have you ever wished your kitchen had a divider that separated the cooking area from the dining area? Well, with a large kitchen trolley, you have the answer. If you have an open kitchen, a trolley will create two separate zones; one for preparing meals and for gatherings.

This physical room divide also keeps children away from the kitchen and prevents distraction when you are cooking. You will also have an easy time chopping, stirring, assembling, and serving foods. The design is friendly and functional.




The fantastic thing about a kitchen trolley is that you can always get one that matches your kitchen’s décor, fits your needs, and is versatile. The units are available in wooden, stainless steel, and plastic materials and have varying dimensions. What size and type of trolley to get depends on your space and budget needs.

Luckily, there are so many kitchen trollies from low to high prices. Kitchen trollies have it all, whether you are looking for a car, serving trolley, a storage drawer, room divide, bathroom organizer, a nightstand, or wine rack. You can customize your trolley to match your interior décor. Plus, a trolley with wheels has mobility advantages.

If you want to modernize your home without breaking the bank, think no further – get a kitchen trolley – or two!

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