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8 Incredible Tips on how to Set up Your Office Desk

8 Incredible Tips on how to Set up Your Office Desk main image 8 Incredible Tips on how to Set up Your Office Desk image

There's no place like home, especially when your office is at home! Setting up a home office desk can be a challenge considering that the desk is an essential part of an office. Furthermore, having your back to the door can generate stress, and facing a wall is likely boring. But with these eight tips, you'll be able to create an efficient workspace.




According to feng shui principles, the optimal home office desk placement places your back to a wall and offers you a view of the door, but not immediately in front of it. This stance, known as the "commanding position," has been proved to provide the finest energy for you to be in command of whatever comes your way—for example, children, your pet, or even a spouse.

Therefore, position your desk as close to a window as possible. Some people prefer to work with their backs to the window but place the desk parallel if that is too distracting. Install window curtains to block the harshness if the window is behind you, and light will strike your monitor.


Choose the right chair for your desk.


Because you are the most crucial component of your company, it's critical to keep yourself comfortable at the desk. Choosing workplace desks and chairs, on the other hand, goes beyond aesthetics. Your productivity might be harmed by uncomfortable workplace furniture.

Make sure the office desks for the home are designed ergonomically. Sculpted seats, lumbar support, and armrests are comfortable and also productive features.


Storage and Available Space


When designing modern office desks, the first thing to think about is storage.  Ask yourself these questions: "What do you need?" Then you can decide on the size and location.

A credenza desk, which can serve as workspace and storage, is an excellent alternative when space is limited. However, if storage is not an issue, a desk made of glass or even lucite that doesn't take up much visible space might make a room appear larger.

The workstation facing the wall may be the only alternative in small offices. If that's the case, make a statement on the wall using a unique painting, or put a whiteboard with a calendar to keep key events and notes at the forefront of your own mind.


Accessories for your Desk


For home office desks in Australia, it would help if you had a stimulating environment to be at your best artistic self no matter what area of business you're in. You should have a space that fosters invention, collaboration, and comfort, from the hues of your environment to the intangible sensation of unity.

This is your concentration and absorption zone, where you can become completely immersed in your creative activity and thus achieve concentration levels not possible in other places around your own house.

Therefore, besides setting up a proper location, as mentioned previously, consider placing items that reflect the kind of work you aim to achieve. These can be from previous awards you've won, pictures of places your work has taken you, or motivational quotes that help you have more drive.


Inbuilt technology for your desk.


In this modern digital world, you will probably find a printer, a telephone, or a fax machine on, under, or next to a desk. The secret, however, is to make sure they are well concealed, especially their cords.

A wall of built-in bookcases and cupboards in front of the workstation is a common tactic for maximizing space and creating a wow factor. Open shelves allow you to exhibit your own kind of personality. 


Working Hours


Even the simple characteristics of your own workspace, such as the monitor’s location  or the height of your chair, can impact your productivity and even your health when you spend hours at your desk every day.

Using uncomfortable chairs, cluttered desks, and inadequate lighting shouldn't wear you down every day, but they do—even if you don't notice them.  According to science, setting up your office for ergonomics and efficiency can greatly improve your working environment by keeping your desk from killing you. This can be achieved through making a few changes, such as using more comfortable chairs and positioning your desk in proportion to the natural lighting.




Office equipment and furniture are extremely expensive. They should hence be chosen with caution. When choosing office machines and furnishings, various considerations such as cost should be we addressed at the same time.

Office desks in Melbourne from AusPoints come at a variety of price points. When choosing a piece of office equipment and furnishings, the amount of money should be considered. The cost will impact the quality and durability of the furniture. This is usually the point where you overlook the high price and make a sacrifice and make the purchase.


How many people are using it at a time?


Style is equally as crucial as function when building a couple because one person aesthetic may be distracting to the other. Even if they don't like the same things, you must find a truce to make them happy. For example, for desks for home office, if the desk is intended for a couple, the man may prefer modern design while the lady prefers nature, so to achieve a balance, hang a custom map mural to give a dynamic masculine background for him and bright nature artwork and a cushioned chair for her.


In Conclusion 


When setting up a home office desk, asking yourself the following questions will help you implement the above tips. What is the essence of your brand? Are you attempting to be upscale? Playful? Trustworthy? Tech-Heavy?

While at it, make sure your furniture is both comfortable and on-brand as well. A well-designed office looks fantastic on the social media, but it also fosters a sense of belonging and community, and visitors will get a better understanding of what you are selling from the comfort of your own home.

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