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6 Best Kitchen Trolleys for Stylish Storage and Extra Surface Space

Date Posted:20 December 2021 

 6 Best Kitchen Trolleys for Stylish Storage and Extra Surface Space main image  6 Best Kitchen Trolleys for Stylish Storage and Extra Surface Space image

A kitchen trolley refers to lightweight wheeled equipment used to facilitate the transportation of food and other small items around the house. Kitchen trolleys are made in various sizes and styles. It is critical to buy the right kind of trolley that will help ease how multiple tasks are performed in the kitchen and around the house. A trolley should allow the user to perform kitchen tasks efficiently and reduce or eliminate kitchen-related accidents when selected appropriately.

Primarily, kitchen trolleys are used in hotels, home kitchens, and catering businesses. They should be strong enough to carry plenty of food or items and contain high-quality wheels that can last long.


What to Look for When Buying a Kitchen Trolley

Stability of the Trolley


When acquiring a new kitchen trolley, it is paramount that the trolley is firm and stable on the ground while moving. The items the trolley will be ferrying need to be guarded against any potentiality of shaking and falling off the trolley, something that happens when the equipment is not stable enough. Focusing on durable equipment with a wide range of functionality, such as sufficient storage space, is beneficial.


Load Capacity


What is the estimated load of the items? This is a crucial factor to consider before acquiring the trolley. When factored appropriately, the right size will be acquired. This will avoid overloading the trolley unnecessarily, which results in imbalances. For example, smaller trolleys are sufficient for small family settings such as nuclear families. In contrast, large settings such as hospitals, companies, hotels, and other social facilities that serve many people will require bigger trolleys.


The Material Used to Make the Trolley


Kitchenware may require trolleys made from a mix of metallic, wooden, and other materials. These will facilitate the safe movement of various items without getting damaged. For example, glassware items may easily damage when driven against metallic surfaces.

Therefore, while supporting flames may be metallic, their placement surfaces should be wooden or covered with gentle material. It is critical to avoid plastic material at all costs because plastic-made trolleys are an ascertained recipe for disaster.


Type of Kitchen Trolley Wheels


Trolleys have different wheel designs depending on the expected distance range, floor types, and frequency of use. Therefore, it is essential to factor in the service to put the trolley into before buying one. For instance, if someone uses the trolley in rough areas, metallic wheels will be of excellent service.




Will your trolley be limited to the kitchen only? What other services may it be used in? Today, kitchen trolleys are being used as refreshment platforms, coffee bar carts, and kitchen cabinet alternatives. In this respect, it is important to consider a kitchen trolley that is versatile enough to accommodate various applications.


Auspoints Recommended Range of Kitchen Trolleys


Depending on the intended use, preference, size, and budget, individuals can select their preferred trolley from the following: 


1. Kitchen Trolley 2 Door Island Solid Wood Counter Top


This trolley is a wonder trolley that will enable someone to expand their working and serving surface with its voluminous mobile space. It has ample space and an additional shelf to help store utensils, dishes, and kitchen towels. Furthermore, it has castors that ease the movement from one place to another. As such, someone can efficiently work and serve away from the cart. 


2. Hina Kitchen Trolley with Drawer 2 Shelves Black


This perfectly designed trolley creates extra storage space to service all kitchen requirements. The trolley is recommendable for kitchens that have small rooms. Its uniqueness is found in its qualities: a storage drawer, two selves, and a stainless-steel food preparation top.

The cart's mobility is enabled by durable casters attached to the base. In addition, it contains locks to enhance safety on items stored. It has a characteristic black finishing that confers its blend with most existing kitchen décor. 


3. Hina Kitchen Trolley with Drawer 2 Shelves White


This perfect kitchen trolley provides additional storage space to cater to every kitchen requirement. It is also made for small spaced kitchens. It is made in a modern style with an attractive look. The cart contains four durable casters that enable its mobility. Notably, it has a modern white finishing that coalesces appropriately with any décor. 


4. Eames Kitchen Island Trolley Cart White


This trolley is uniquely furnished with two shelves, a stainless-steel tabletop, a towel rack, and two drawers. It has a characteristic elegant look and a versatile design perfect for living rooms and kitchens. This is the recommended kitchen trolley when someone seeks an additional workbench or maximizes the existing space. 


5. Montauk Kitchen Trolley 2 Drawer 1 Door White


This kitchen trolley finds its uniqueness in its characteristic stunning solid wood top. The trolley has merit in providing extra working space, a glass panel door, two drawers, and castors that can rotate up to 360 degrees. It has a fine white colour finishing that merges well with modern themes.


6. Kitchen Island Trolley with Open Shelves - White


Do you want to extend the serving and workspace of your home? This mobile kitchen trolley is recommendable. Typically, its design contains two open shelves that enable the storage of dishes. It also has hooks on the sides to hook the kitchen towels. 


The Bottom Line


Kitchen space and storage are crucial factors in enhancing the ease of work within the kitchen. Kitchen trolleys come in handy to complement this need while offering transport of items from one place to another as the need arises. When acquiring a kitchen trolley, one should factor in numerous factors, including the load capacity, design, and suitability. 

Once someone has acquired a kitchen trolley, the next important thing is to know how it should be organised for maximum service. Managing a kitchen trolley requires creating a probable setup that backs an individual's kitchen needs.

Individuals may realize that they require multiple storage systems, which means they should organize the trolley to specify different sides for specific purposes. Generally, the primary purpose of a trolley is to enhance the kitchen's appropriate organisation. 

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