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10 Best Frying Pans to Buy in 2022

10 Best Frying Pans to Buy in 2022 main image 10 Best Frying Pans to Buy in 2022 image

Having a quality standard frying pan in your arsenal is not only a requirement but also a necessity. A good frying pan supports and perfects all your frying needs from searing stakes, preparing scrambled eggs, sauteing vegetables, and many more. 

The best frying pans allow the users to try out different cooking styles without the fear of ruining the meal. However, there is a large assortment of frying pans to choose from, making it challenging for most kitchen enthusiasts to find their best pick.

Read on to find out some of the best frying pans in Australia from AusPoints!


10 Best Frying Pans to Buy in 2022


Solaris Non-Stick Frypan 40cm


Cooking and excellent heat retention is possible with this solid metal skillet. On induction, its cook top and magnetic bottom allow for quick heat transmission. The Solaris Pro frying pan is coated with a German-made Procalon combined with a non-stick coating that delivers non-stick Performance free of PFOA, APEO, and the lesser-known compounds NEP and NMP. It's also simple to maintain and very durable.


 Steinfurt 3pcs Marble Stone Beige Non-Stick Frypan Set


The German label CS KOCHSYSTEME's set has a revolutionary nonstick style that will reawaken your love of cooking. This fry pan set features a marble stone surface and a keep-cool handle, making cooking more enjoyable and healthy. It's available in three main sizes to accommodate your various cooking requirements.


  • Its body is made out of aluminum alloy providing strength & durability
  • A GranexPlus coating that is free of toxic chemicals or heavy metals
  • Cooking and cleaning are made easier with a nonstick layer
  • Ergonomic handle for insulation soft to the touch presenting a wooden appeal.
  • Supports many types of cooktops, including induction
  • Forged with a marble stoneware-like material giving your pan a trendy look
  • Friendly to dishwashing


Marburg Forged Wok 24x7.0cm Xylan Nonstick Coating with White Dot


Due to the durable non-stick quality of the Marburg line Cookware by CS KOCHSYSTEME, the most intricate meals are simple to make. It features a forged aluminum-alloy frame with a Procalon marble interior that's nonstick. To prevent spills or unwanted harm, they added a safety glass top.


  • Free of any heavy metals and PFO
  • Bakelite handles that are soft to the touch
  • Frame designed from aluminum alloy
  • Non-stick Procalon marble coating for easier food release and cooking
  • Aluminum bottoms pressed for better heat retention and distribution
  • Presence of a safety lid, including a steam hole to seal in the moisture and flavor
  • The exterior is black coated to ensure heat resistance
  • All cooktops are compatible and have conduction
  • Dishwasher-friendly


Pro-X 24Cm Frying Pan Stainless Steel Cookware


A stainless-steel pan ought to be your go-to equipment whenever it comes to preparing fried food. It's capable of preparing practically any dish. This pan can be used for frying, searing, braising, baking pan sauces, and sautéing. 

Carl Schmidt Sohn's PRO-X series is an excellent option. The PRO-X cookware series was designed for expert cooks and is constructed out of stainless steel for the most part, with a variety of features to make tasks in the kitchen simple.

The bottom contains an aluminum base glued firmly for efficient and equal heat transmission. Aluminum conducts heat well, and its magnetic exterior is made out of stainless steel. They also work on cooktops, which are more energy-efficient. Each handle is soldered to the outer wall, meaning rivet heads don't exist, making cleaning easier.  

This pan's exquisite matte texture and clever design make it ideal for any form of frying. Its curled lip makes pouring and serving a breeze. It's easy to wash and maintain the pan since it's dish-wash friendly.


Solaris Non-Stick Deep Frypan Non-Stick 32cm


The solid aluminum pan is made to satisfy your daily cooking demands, with consistent cooking and excellent heat conservation. It contains a magnetized bottom which allows for quick heat transfer. Its common knowledge that stone frying pans are the best tool to improve your food preparation experience, especially their nonstick properties.

 It's designed in Germany and presents nonstick qualities to perfection while being completely free of PFOA and APEO and the lesser-known compounds NEP and NMP. It is also capable of superior food release, easy to wash, and has durable qualities.

Furthermore, every piece has riveted hollow handles made from stainless steel, which are comfortable gripping and holding while remaining cool to the touch even during heating. Double rivets are utilized to enhance the strength of the handle's connection to the pan.


K2 Stone Coating Non-Stick Frypan 28cm


They're designed out of top-quality die-cast aluminum, ensuring heat retention cooking. It includes a silicone-covered and magnetic bottom that can resist high temperatures, meaning it can be used on induction cooktops.

The K2 frypans feature a German stone-coating that delivers nonstick precision while staying 100 per cent free of PFOA and APEO, including lesser-known compounds NEP and NMP.


  • 5 Layer die-cast aluminum coating
  • Nonstick layer, which is scratching and abrasion-free
  • Very durable
  • Free of PFOA and other heavy metals. It's quality-assured by IGA


Solaris Non-Stick Deep Frypan Non-Stick 28cm


Preparing meals with the Solaris Pro may be more enjoyable, cost-efficient and durable. It's composed of solid metal and is built to fulfil your regular cooking demands. It ensures uniform cooking and maximum heat retention. It includes a magnetic bottom that enables it to preheat quickly on both induction and non-induction burners.

Utilizing a stone frying pan improves your meal preparation experience by preventing food from adhering to the bottom. The Procalon has a nonstick layer, and the frying pan is made in Germany. The pan delivers nonstick precision while still free of PFOA, NMP, APEO, NEP. It also works well at serving food.

Each component also features a rivet stainless steel grip constructed of hollowed stainless steel, which remains cool even when hot. This keeps the pan from burning while cooking because the handle is attached to the pan with two rivets for additional strength.


  • Designed Aluminum Alloy: It has a nonstick coating to ensure food doesn’t stick and is lightweight
  • Made of PTFE, a new ceramic coating that makes it durable, anti-scratch, and free from abrasion
  • Versatile: This frying pan can be utilized in almost all stovetops
  • Better Heat Distribution: designed with heat Surround technology which responds perfectly to temperature changes and enables even heat distribution
  • Ergonomic Handle: Made from Double rivet stainless steel that is heat insulated


Emden Ceramic Stone 20cm Non-Stick Frypan


The Grey Stone series frying pan from Carl Schmidt Sohn offers nonstick qualities due to its marble impression finish. It also features a cast aluminum body that resists scratches, scrapes, and wear. Cooking using metal utensils is secure and requires very little oil. Both hobs are compatible and also work well with induction cookers.

It is made of ecologically friendly materials and meets better wear and corrosion resistance criteria.


  • Forged Aluminum alloy
  • Ciatubg a non-stick material
  • The thermal bottom offers optional energy use
  • 20cm in length


K2 Stone Coating Non-Stick Deep Frypan 28cm


The Carl Schmidt Sohn K2 line offers a fantastic culinary experience that makes cooking extra fun, affordable, and long-lasting. These K2 frypans are cast aluminum for consistent frying and optimal heat retention. It features a thermal resistance silicone coated handle, including a magnetized bottom which allows rapid heat transmission on induction stoves.

Stone-designed pans, in our opinion, are an excellent way to enhance your culinary experience without subjecting food from sticking on the pan. The K2 frypans include a stone coating that presents nonstick qualities while remaining devoid of PFOA, APEO, and other lesser-known compounds like NMP and NEP. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Die-cast Aluminum:  Ideal for preparing meals due to its exceptional 5 Layer coating
  • Greblon Granitec coating
  • Highest Quality: PFOA-free making it perfect for food contact
  •  GREBLON nonstick coating created under IGA regulations standards
  • Versatile Performance: accommodates different cooking styles allowing the users to use their preferred cooktop
  • Superior Heat Distribution
  • Cool Ergonomic Handle


Stellaris Forged Aluminum Deep Frypan 24x7.0 cm


CS-Stellaris KOCHSYSTEME's collection contains a wide range of kitchen-ware created to make the cooking process simpler in the kitchen. Excellent cooking qualities carefully selected ergonomics, and coatings create an unforgettable and pleasurable culinary experience.


  • Deep frying pan created out of nonstick material
  • 24cm in diameter, forged out of aluminum alloy
  • Procalon Plus coating in its raw state, making it nonstick
  • The outside is black coated and heat resistant
  • Stainless steel handle securely riveted
  • Compatible with all forms of stovetops also induction
  • Dishwasher-friendly




When faced with a load of cookware materials, prices, and styles —from non-stick, stainless steel to cast iron: it's better to be informed of all differences, including which frying pans are good for cooking which meals. You don't need to break the bank for a top-performing frying pan. Today we have made it easier for you to choose a great frying pan by providing you with some of the best frying pans in Australia.

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